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Nintendo Download for January 17, 2013.
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January 17, 2013, 16:30:06
This week's Nintendo Download is a little sparse. If you're looking for new content on the Wii U or DSiWare, you're out of luck. The Wii gets one new app via the Wii Shop Channel. The 3DS gets four new titles and a demo added. Be sure to check all of the new games out today, January 17, at noon EST/9:00 a.m. PST.

3DS eShop
Retail Titles
  • Deer Drive Legends - Maximum Family Games
  • Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue - Disney Interactive

  • eShop Digital Titles
  • Tokyo Crash Mobs - Nintendo, $5.99

  • Virtual Console
  • Kirby's Star Stacker - Nintendo, $2.99

  • Demos
  • Fire Emblem Awakening - Nintendo

  • Wii Shop Channel
  • Amazon Instant Video

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    Posted: 01/17/13, 16:30:06    
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    Star Stacker is a nice surprise, I've always wanted to give it a go even though by all accounts it's a pretty ordinary puzzle game.

    We're never gonna get Kirby's Dream Land 2, are we?

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 16:32:06

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 16:33:11  - Edited by 
     on: 01/17/13, 16:33:34
    Wasn't Amazon video already on the Wii?

    Can't wait to check out FE demo.

    @Guillaume I skipped out on Kirby's Adventure when I was a kid, so that game was huge for me as a kid. Great game.

    I hope we get some more demos for the Wii U eshop soon.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 16:42:53
    More video services is nice to have; better than having less of them.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 16:46:04
    Been saving the last of my Wii U eShop funds for The Cave next week. Really looking forward to that one.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 16:58:12
    I wonder why Amazon and Hulu Plus still aren't on the 3DS. And where's HBO Go on Wii U for that matter?

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 17:00:47
    Tokyo Crash Mobs looks so insanely Japanese. I have no idea if it is any good, but I'm curious.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 17:58:06
    Kirby's Star Stacker? SWEEEEEEEEET. You put up GB games and I'll buy 'em, Nintendo!

    Fire Emblem Awakening demo? SWEEEEEEEEEET

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 17:58:15  - Edited by 
     on: 01/17/13, 17:58:25

    Kirby's Star Stacker
    is a nice surprise indeed, I've never played it.

    Yeah, that's really weird about Kirby's Dream Land 2. Fortunately, I finally played it through the Wii Kirby's Dream Collection, but it sure would be nice to have it in portable form.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 18:00:48
    Tokyo Crash Mobs looks wacky and good, need to hear some impressions.

    Fire Emblem demo, hellzyeah.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 18:09:12
    Fire Emblem Awakening demo will be mine.

    Kirby Star Stacker? Never heard of it.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 18:13:00
    When does the eShop usually update again?

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 19:14:44

    Typically noon eastern on Thursdays, though big releases happen at midnight on the day of their respective launches (typically Sundays).

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 19:19:38  - Edited by 
     on: 01/17/13, 19:21:15
    eShop is updated now. They have a new 'Nintendo Show 3D' today, but it's not really worth checking out. Jessie talks about Fire Emblem, Crashmo and Fluidity, and then reminds people that they can download demos. And that's about it. Nothing new, and nothing really exclusive.

    I thought this show would live up to its promising beginning when it launched last year. They had exclusive news, sneak peaks at upcoming games, and even codes and passwords you could use in games to unlock stuff. But now? It's just all advertising. And while I don't mind advertising (that's all this show is for anyway, I know that) I'd like to have some stuff that's only available from the show itself. That's not asking too much, right?

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 19:59:56

    I never thought I'd say this, but they should bring back Nintendo Week. Even with the corny jokes Nintendo Week had a lot more personality than Nintendo Show 3D. It felt more like a show and less like than ad.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 20:39:59
    Nintendo show 3D is worth it for the ending. Dat 3D effect...

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 21:01:50
    Fire Emblem is awesome! Really engaging right from the get go. I like how their approach is similar to the first FE on GBA with your character being a tactician. I'm really excited to alter his appearance and stuff in the final version. The animations looks really lively and it's really cool that you can zip right through them. I don't think I'll even need to turn off the battle animations because they move so quickly. The only thing I might miss is polygonal characters on the map, but even then, the resolution of the 3DS probably isn't high enough to make it look better than a jaggy mess. Love it so far. Enjoyed it a lot more than the past console outings so far, for some reason. I think it's the speed of the game and being able to view the game through your own character's eyes.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/17/13, 21:10:38
    Tokyo Crash Mobs is melting my braiiiiiinnnnnn...

    Posted by 
     on: 01/18/13, 01:17:47
    Only the demo for me this week, thank you very much.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/18/13, 04:24:50
    I could be wrong, but I think Tokyo Crash Mobs was more expensive than $5.99 when I saw it on the shop. I snagged Gunman Clive on my way to grab the Fire Emblem demo.

    Posted by 
     on: 01/18/13, 04:34:57
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