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Big News For Fire Emblem and 3DS Fans in North America!
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January 11, 2013, 18:28:42
The previously Japan and Europe-only Fire Emblem: Awakening Limited Edition 3DS bundle will be hitting North America later this year. This is big news for Fire Emblem and 3DS fans alike!

This was already mentioned in the Official Fire Emblem: Awakening Thread, but news this big I thought deserved it's own thread.

Yup! They just confirmed this in the latest Game Informer magazine. I'm not sure which retailers are doing this (I'm guessing GameStop at least?) but yes! DO WANT! I'll be getting this DAY ONE! NO QUESTION!

I mean, the 3DS itself is awesome-looking, but even the box itself looks badass. The whole package is just freakin' EPIC.

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 on: 01/11/13, 18:30:58    
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...Actually I've decided I might nab this if it does indeed come to Australia. My R-button is going on my original (again!) and blowing seems to be a mere temporary fix. I'm tired of sending it in for repairs.

Quick question: The NA version apparently will have FE preloaded digitally? If that's the case what affect would that have on any transfer? Can I still transfer all my stuff (including downloaded titles) over to the new system without overwriting FE? Not sure how the 3DS transfer actually works...

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 on: 01/16/13, 21:38:49
@Shadowlink From what I've heard, after doing the transfer, you can re-download the pre-installed game from the eShop.

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 on: 01/16/13, 21:53:43

You clearly used some voodoo on me, cause I started playing Lego LOTR on my XL, but switched over to my Zelda 3DS after having trouble holding the 3D. It is nice using that system again! I haven't really used it that much recently. I still love my XL, but I think I'll split my time between the two much more from now on.

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 on: 01/18/13, 05:43:28
It would be stupid if you couldn't.

Posted by 
 on: 01/18/13, 11:13:50

I don't practice voodoo. Only Jedi mind tricks.

Posted by 
 on: 01/18/13, 18:30:34

Sounds kinda Sithy to me....

Posted by 
 on: 01/19/13, 01:04:31

The way of the Sith leads to the Dark Side...only the path of Jedi can lead you to the light...

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 on: 01/19/13, 05:49:54
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