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Dragon Quest 7 port (remake?) coming to 3DS
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October 30, 2012, 16:06:04

Neat! Apparently it hits in February in Japan, with no US confirmation yet. But I'd say we have a good chance of getting it here.

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 on: 10/30/12, 16:13:55    
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@Mop it up

Yeah, but surely it's profitable if the game goes on to sell several hundred thousand copies, which Dragon Quest shouldn't have much of a problem doing.

Hopefully we have better luck with DQ8 since it's already translated.

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 on: 05/14/15, 00:19:11
@Hinph I can't really comment on profitability since I don't know the numbers for how much it'd cost to translate, manufacture, and ship the game in NA, but we all know how reluctant Nintendo can be with niche games (and Square's goofy in general). I believe DQ VI sold below their expectations, and then DQMJ2 was kind of a bomb, so that may have scared Nintendo away from publishing any more of the games in NA.

I'm not sure what your last comment means. The original version of DQ VII was released in the US.

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 on: 05/14/15, 00:27:51
@Mop it up

Oh, original PlayStation! I'm obviously not very familiar with this series.

I'm honestly not sure if I even have it in me to play through traditional JRPGs anymore, as I haven't completed one in years, but DQVII was looking mighty nice on 3DS.

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 on: 05/14/15, 00:34:44
Good to know about DQ 8 on 3DS. I just got a good smartphone this week and had considered the Android port. I'll wait awhile and see if the 3DS version comes here first before buying it.

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 on: 05/14/15, 19:38:22
The issue with translating dqvii is that the PSOne English version is terrible and the entire game would need to be retranslated to live up the the standards we now have for dragon quest. That would take a long time. Dragon Quest VIII is already translated to modern standards and the localization was very very good. All they have to do is translate the new content and release it in the west. Shouldn't take long.

I can foresee a scenario in which we get DQ8 this fall or next February (which is traditionally a huge month for Japan games in a America, resident evil revelations, fire emblem, bravely default, and monster hunter / major as mask). I think we will see DQVII in America only depending on the sales of DQ8.

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 on: 05/15/15, 17:11:08
My memories of 7 are really vague, but I do seem to remember it being a huge game with an absolutely terrible translation. I also don't think it sold all that great in NA when it released right in the middle of the PS1's RPG boom. I can definitely understand why it would be considered to not be worth the effort.

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 on: 05/15/15, 17:35:57
@DeputyVanHalen I remember reading articles talking about how the old translation does not inlcude the indepth accents new ones do, the consistency of naming and general tone that the more recent translations have. Using the psone translation would seem complete out of place compared to what we have today. Even though I think they are doing a disservice to the brand by leaving this game unplayable the way it is meant in the west, I can see why they think its a waste of money. But this is more of an industry issue where gaming companies will not translate something because it wont make money, they do not care if it is the right thing to do to give the western audience the complete series. Money talks. Even though they will build more loyalty in the series by releasing dq7 and dq8 in america for the 3ds, they still refuse to. It would be easier to sell us on dq11 and dragon quest heroes (on ps4) if square showed us the series still had a strong heart beat in america.

Posted by 
 on: 05/15/15, 18:50:34

I wonder where this hesitation from big companies comes from. All of S-E's games on 3DS have sold well. Even that rather trashy Heroes of Ruin. I know for a fact that Bravely Default exceeded their expectations.

And it's not just S-E's games. Namco's Tales of the Abyss sold better on 3DS than it did on PS2 (!) and even the crazy cross-over game Project X Zone sold TEN times better than expected in the West.

With a big name like DragonQuest I'm unsure why there has been a hold up for a Western release. Sure, DragonQuest VI and Monsters Joker 2 sold below expectations, but those were some fairly low-print runs during the twilight years of the DS. Releasing a "new" game in the series during the 3DS's prime years seems like a no-brainer.

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 on: 05/15/15, 21:38:55
Did Heroes of Ruin sell well? I thought n-Space complained loudly about the sales and pretty much gave up on Nintendo platform projects after that?

Posted by 
 on: 05/15/15, 22:08:35
@GameDadGrant square and Nintendo were disappointed by dq6 sales, but they freakin released it two weeks before pokemon black and one month before 3ds launched in America. They sent that game out to die, literally. And it's shitty they point to that to claim why they won't localize anything.

Posted by 
 on: 05/15/15, 22:48:52
ApparentlyYuji Horii said something at the Japan Expo yesterday about both the 3DS versions of DQ7 and DQ8 being translated to French. Seems to be come confusion about whether he said it was being considered or whether it was actually announced, but either way any rumblings are good news at this point.

If they get announced for real I'm going to jump in DQ6 right away.

Posted by 
 on: 07/05/15, 14:35:43
r_hjort said:
Did Heroes of Ruin sell well? I thought n-Space complained loudly about the sales and pretty much gave up on Nintendo platform projects after that?

I'm really not sure, to be honest. Though that is rather funny/heart-breaking to hear that n-Space jumped ship after one game's (allegedly) lousy sales came back to bite them after releasing a pretty mediocre game. Especially since they had so much success on DS during the previous generation. Ah, this industry.


I saw this, too! It's not much, but it does give me hope that these games can eventually make their way to our (and your) shores! Maybe we can even get DragonQuest X eventually...!

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 on: 07/05/15, 20:12:33  - Edited by 
 on: 07/05/15, 20:13:14
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