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Nintendo Download for October 25, 2012.
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October 25, 2012, 16:16:08
This week's Nintendo Download is packed full of content! Three Virtual Console games, two new eShop games, a new demo, a Mutant Mudds update, a new DSiWare title, and two New Super Mario Bros. 2 level packs drop today, October 25. A brand new Professor Layton game for 3DS arrives in the eShop Sunday, October 28.

eShop Exclusives
Castlevania: The Adventure
(3DS Virtual Console (Game Boy) - Konami, $2.99)
Ghosts & Goblins (3DS Virtual Console (NES) - Capcom, $4.99)
Liberation Maiden (3D Digital Download - Level 5, $7.99)
Marvell Pinball Demo (3D Digital Download - ZEN Studios, free)
Mutant Mudds Update (3D Digital Download - Renegade Kid, free for current owners)
NightSky (3D Digital Download - Nicalis, $9.99)
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS Retail Download, Available October 28 - Nintendo, $39.99)

DSiWare (also available in the eShop)
18th Gate
(Circle Entertainment, 500 points/$4.99)

Wii Shop Channel
Shock Troopers
(Wii Virtual Console (Neo Geo) - D4 Enterprise, 900 points)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush Packs
($2.50 for three levels each)
  • Coin Challenge Pack B
  • Gold Mushroom Pack

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    Posted: 10/25/12, 16:16:08  - Edited by 
     on: 10/26/12, 17:39:47    
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    I beat 3 of them and I think they're pretty damn good. But I liked the game in the first place!

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 07:33:44
    Yoshi's Story is a magnificent platformer.

    fuck yeah

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 07:48:20  - Edited by 
     on: 10/26/12, 07:50:08
    Jargon said:

    Simon Belmont moving sluggishly? Never!



    No. Just....no.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 15:07:50

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 16:20:28  - Edited by 
     on: 10/26/12, 16:20:42
    By the way, just wanted to correct something; Castlevania is only $2.99 on the eShop, not $3.99!


    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 16:34:51
    Speaking of 3DS VC, am I the only one playing Mario Golf GBC? That game is awesome, it kinda surprised me with how enjoyable it is.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 17:24:33

    I almost bought it last night when I got NightSky, but I didn't for some reason.


    Okay, my beef with it is the same as the GB bonus levels. Color palette swap (and that looks pretty good), but what about the other half of the aesthetics? If we really want to get all CGA, the music and sound effects really need to be crappy PC speaker sound effects. High and low-pitched beeps.

    Oddly, playing Mudds really makes me want a new Commander Keen game...

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 17:39:25  - Edited by 
     on: 10/26/12, 17:44:02
    I'm playing it. Trying to win the Links tournament.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 17:45:00
    anon_mastermind said:
    I'm playing it. Trying to win the Links tournament.

    Good luck! I just managed to eek out a victory in that one yesterday, after several days of trying it. Thankfully, the practice (and leveling up my drive) paid off in the end, but it sure is easy to botch up your score with all the heaths and OB areas.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 17:59:32

    Oh, I didn't really care about the visuals and sound, I just thought the level design was pretty neat.


    I played it over a decade ago! It made an impression, though: I gave it a 9 here. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 18:08:04

    For a game that's insipration is retro-gaming (8-bit and 16-bit), the throwback levels as a whole disappointed me from an aesthetic standpoint, which was a big downer to me (I'm very into aesthetics in game). That doesn't make Mudds a bad game (because it isn't), but it could have been better.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 18:19:07
    Any impressions on Liberation Maiden?

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 19:59:24

    I passed on Mario Golf because I knew I'd be buying Castlevania: The Adventure this week instead.


    Ha ha, Mutant Mudds is such a better game than you let on! I hope no one gets the wrong impression about the game from your reviews!


    It's one of those games from Suda 51. Everyone talks about them, but no one actually buys or plays them.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/26/12, 23:22:10  - Edited by 
     on: 10/26/12, 23:23:21

    I never said it was bad. In my opinion, it just isn't great and doesn't live up to the pre-release hype that it generated.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/27/12, 00:43:01
    I have been playing the hell out of Mario Golf since last week. Beat Links a few days ago, still need to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom but I want to level up some more before I do. I miss the N64 connection, you can level your character super fast by using it.

    I picked up LM yesterday and played the first level. As a lefty the game is a little difficult because of the controls. I have to tap the lower screen with my finger and it makes the aiming a little difficult. The graphics are well done and the game plays well, more impressions later.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/27/12, 01:08:41
    I bit on Liberation Maiden and Nightsky. Both of them seem pretty awesome for the money. My early impression is it is the most true-to-genre game Suda 51 has ever made since his insanity has been unleashed.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/27/12, 17:04:42  - Edited by 
     on: 10/27/12, 17:06:18

    You never said it was bad, but you said it isn't great! It's the same thing!

    Posted by 
     on: 10/27/12, 18:53:06  - Edited by 
     on: 10/27/12, 18:53:19
    I've been really busy with work and social stuff lately, but I'm finally downloading Liberation Maiden, before Sandy hits thank goodness, even if all my power goes out I'll still be able to play like 3 hours before my 3DS dies!

    Posted by 
     on: 10/28/12, 22:17:07
    Bought night sky a few nights ago, am now buying liberation maiden, it looks good.

    Love me some suda51 games, I own all his Nintendo releases, even contact on ds which is an amazing game.

    Posted by 
     on: 10/30/12, 04:08:03

    Flower, Sun and Rain?

    Posted by 
     on: 10/30/12, 04:20:39
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