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Mass Effect 3 to be a Wii U Launch Title
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August 03, 2012, 05:02:42
Well this is good news for Nintendo fans eh? Does this then calm down some fears from people or no?

Mass Effect 3 is coming out for Wii U at the console's launch. And it'll contain that whole comic thing that helps the whole story thing.

I know it's another "port" and it's coming "after the original launch" but still... major game on new Nintendo console... could be a good sign eh?

I think it's pretty cool and I know little about Mass Effect at all.

Nintendo World Report's Article

This should be news to the board. The only thing I can see might be referencing this is this DeputyVanHalen's Post.

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 on: 08/03/12, 05:04:37    
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That's what I figured, they can't afford to release after black Friday. At any rate, even less reasons to get a Wii U. I was actually thinking of buying Batman Arkham Asylum for it but now I'll probably just stick with the PC version. Hopefully, they release a GOTY edition on Steam some time between now and November. For Assassin's Creed III I might just buy a PS3, well not just Assassin's Creed III but for other games I've been meaning to play. Maybe I can get a deal on black Friday for it.

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 on: 08/03/12, 20:17:27  - Edited by 
 on: 08/03/12, 20:18:50
Off-tv play is also confirmed now. I wonder if this will be standard for all games or not? I can see myself using it though, and when I -am- using the TV, the map and touchscreen hotkeys will be a cool bonus.

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 on: 08/04/12, 01:21:17

I forgot how to link videos from Gametrailer....

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 on: 08/04/12, 19:50:17  - Edited by 
 on: 08/04/12, 19:53:06
Zero said:
Warning: If you buy the game used you might get screwed out of the comic, since you may have to download it through EA servers and yada yada. That's how it worked on Mass Effect 2 for PS3. I think.
This is true. I rented the game and couldn't do the comic prequel without paying like $15.

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 on: 08/05/12, 00:33:57
The older games not being put on Wii U is a good thing. You guys won't start that online petition thing when the endings aren't what you dreamed up. You'll have a few months of build up to be destroyed as opposed to years!

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 on: 08/05/12, 19:40:44
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