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Two Minus Three - #2. It Takes Courage
July 30, 2012, 06:10:59

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Hands Up If You Loved The Adventure of Link!
*My hand raises enthusiastically*
Anyone else? Anyone?

Zelda 2 is perhaps the most notorious of the Zelda games (barring the CDi monstrosities) for being too different, and therefore many people despise it. The sidescrolling, the experience points system (P-bags!), and the overall difficulty of the game has placed it unfairly in the lower eschelon of Zelda games.

How do you feel? Are you like T. Bunny there? Or like Zero and Gooey?
At least they can all be happy they were 3DS ambassadors and didn't have to pay for the game!

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Posted: 07/30/12, 06:10:59    
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I feel just like T. Bunny! When those Ambassador games hit, I ran through Zelda 2 immediately after swordless-running Zelda 1!

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 on: 07/30/12, 06:12:56
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