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Negative World Podcast 034 - Round Two, Of Questions For You
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July 14, 2012, 02:53:49

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Hey guys! A new podcast, finally. This episode, Mr_Mustache, Cryojin & Zero are taking turns to talk about everything E3 related, with NinSage & DrFinkelstein.

Then, the crew discusses "The dangers of hype", "Nintendo's secrecy" and "what Retro might be up to"!

As usual, the theme music comes from Negative World's owner and dictator, Zero. The interlude's musics are taken from two Ubisoft games: Red Steel 2 and the upcoming Rayman Legends.

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You can find an enhanced version of this podcast with chapters and art at Negative World Podcast Enhanced or on iTunes.

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Enjoy the show!

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Posted: 07/14/12, 02:53:49    
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Ah, I'm replying a bit late to this thread only because I've been so busy recently! Anyway...

Nice episode!

Also, I did enjoy the format of the show, but after listening to this episode and the previous one, I was a little... burned out on E3? I love the idea of having multiple guests so I can enjoy hearing different perspectives on such an important annual event, but maybe six guests was a bit much? Not complaining though, you guys pulled it off quite well. I think part of the issue may have been trying to keep each guest on for a short period of time only, but that's difficult to do when a bunch of interesting discussions start to crop up. All in all, no biggie!

@Mr_Mustache, most definitely agree about having more than enough games to play at the moment without having to worry too much about getting too hyped for the next big thing. With the number of games that currently exist that I still want to play, I feel like I'm constantly playing 'catch-up' anyway (yet Wii U will be a day one for me, ha!).

Davoid said:
Hey guys! If you care, comment on the editing because it will affect the way I'll do things next time. Cheers!

David, the editing was fairly good, but in my opinion it seems like there was a bit too much removal of natural pauses in the conversation. It sounds somewhat unnatural to hear people talking nonstop with no breaks in the conversation, if you know what I mean?

Posted by 
 on: 07/21/12, 08:05:36
Aha! Good of you on spotting this, @roykoopa64. I agree, I was a bit overkill on this one & I'll won't be removing so much spaces in the next one.

As per my replies on the questions:

1. Will you be buying a Wii U at launch?
Yes, of course. If I have the money
2. What is your most anticipated game based on the E3 showing?
P-100. I'm pretty curious to learn more about it.
3. What was your favorite moment of E3 2012?
Miyamoto's entrance on stage. It aws really grand! But we all know it all went downhill from there.
4. What was the show missing for you?
A little more love for the 3DS.
5. What did you think of Nintendo splitting its conferences across several days/events?
I think it was good. I thought the infos where digested better by the viewers and the media. I just feel the main conference was a little lacking.

Posted by 
 on: 07/21/12, 08:28:42

I can't say I fully agree with you on the decision for the number of guests, mainly because this is a large site with a large community. Six is a meager part of the population. However, the episode's distance apart and the fact that each guest ended up using at least half their time on our quick questions we wanted to ask, that can feel repetitive and so maybe the experience doesn't boil down to the intended consequence then.

No talk of E3 next episode!!! I swear!!! Well we'll do our best not to mention it even in passing.

Posted by 
 on: 07/21/12, 14:58:27
I think six guests was fine, but I imagine in your mind the "5 questions" thing would be like rapid fire responses before moving onto the meaty topics, and that's not quite how it worked out.

But hey, everything is a learning experience.

Posted by 
 on: 07/21/12, 16:59:45

That's how I envisioned it but everybody just loved talking about those five questions so much and we had other timeslots and guests the same night so other things had to be stopped.

Learning experience indeed.

Posted by 
 on: 07/21/12, 17:55:35
1. Will you be buying a Wii U at launch?
No, not after what happened with 3DS.

2. What is your most anticipated game based on the E3 showing?
New Super Mario Brothers U. There wasn't much to get excited about.

3. What was your favorite moment of E3 2012?
The awkward moment at the end of Nintendo's first conference.

4. What was the show missing for you?
A game that shows off why the Wii U is worthwhile, there was nothing that really gives it a reason to exist. That, or a big online game like Mario Kart or Battalion Wars III.

5. What did you think of Nintendo splitting its conferences across several days/events?
Seemed pointless and redundant, especially with them having some of the same information in each showing.

Posted by 
 on: 07/21/12, 21:05:35
Yea I'm ok. I just finished Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:EoS not too long ago you know? I'll go pacing.

Posted by 
 on: 07/22/12, 00:09:33
I can see the arguments against the no pauses editing in general, but I think it made my part a bit more listenable than I usually am. I tend to pause a ton and it feels SLOW to me. This one makes me sound pretty quick-witted!

Posted by 
 on: 07/22/12, 05:32:44
I did cut alot of your blank spaces, @Zero. I guess I'll have to edit wisely.

Posted by 
 on: 07/22/12, 09:54:47
Yeah but it makes me sound smoother than usual!

...although I did still say Gamestop instead of Gamespot. No way to fix that. Actually there would be, but you shouldn't bother fixing people's obvious mistakes...

Posted by 
 on: 07/23/12, 06:02:05
That was a fun episode guys. I don't really have any comments that haven't been made already, I think you guys know what worked and what didn't by now!

Posted by 
 on: 07/27/12, 05:30:53
I always buy Nintendo consoles at launch.

Zombi game is my most anticipated game.

My most favorite moment. Really, I can't think of anything that I would consider my most favorite, except I will say Reggie making a fool out of himself with the Zombi demo was good for a chuckle or 2.

What was missing from the show? How about info about the Wii U, like memory storage options, how online is going to work, specs on the system, meaning stuff like, will it have digital sound output, ect. Basically, the Wii U is still a mystery at this point.

Nintendo splitting it's conferences did seem pointless. Nothing new or earth shattering was announced at any of them.

Posted by 
 on: 07/27/12, 09:33:13  - Edited by 
 on: 07/27/12, 09:49:39
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