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Retro turns down former Rare composer Grant Kirkhope
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June 29, 2012, 08:05:35
An interesting bit of news here from NWR:

Nintendo World Report said:
While looking for work, Grant Kirkhope, a former composer for Rare, was turned down by Retro Studios.

In response to someone trying to aid his job search on Twitter Kirkhope said "I already tried Retro .... They're full up!"

PLEASE. For the love of god. Someone at Nintendo. Nab him up. I don't care if you have nothing for him to work on yet. JUST DO IT NOW.

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 on: 06/29/12, 08:08:11    
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Has Nintendo ever hired ex-Rare staff after the split?

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 on: 06/30/12, 05:39:51
@anon_mastermind Not that I know of, though I see no real reason why not. If they had the room, I'm sure they'd let him on.

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 on: 06/30/12, 05:50:00
The second game's music was just as amazing.

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 on: 06/30/12, 07:48:17
@carlosrox I love the soundtracks to all three DKC games They each have a different overall feel, but all of them are internally consistent and I think they each do a good job of setting up the mood for their respective games.

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 on: 06/30/12, 13:55:18
From a recent interview with Grant Kirkhope:

"I think Rare have completely f#@$ed themselves. And - it isn't their fault; it's Microsoft's fault. They have completely ruined that company, and it makes me cry every day of my life."


I still hope someday for the return of Rare. Of the old Rare. That someday they can become a free agent again and regain what they've lost. I know some gamers were down on their later stuff they did with Nintendo, but I still really enjoyed their games. Conker's BFD & Banjo-Kazooie are two of the best platformers I've ever played. I even liked Donkey Kong 64 and Starfox Adventures. :)

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 on: 07/06/12, 22:51:30

On a side note, it's not generally wise to publicly trash talk your previous employers while looking for a new one.

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 on: 07/06/12, 22:55:21  - Edited by 
 on: 07/06/12, 22:56:42
Though flawed, I loved SFA. Game personally has a place in my heart for being...unique. And it was out at a time in my life that was very memorable. That game helped define that weird time, when Nintendo was still nextgen, and the games on their system seemed experimental somehow (like Pikmin and ED). If there was one thing I loved about the GC it was that. Well, those 2 things. Next gen feel, and just, unique games.

Never played 3, really. Not too interested.

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 on: 07/07/12, 00:10:04
Maybe he's given up looking for work lol. Everyone knows it's true anyway. The contrast between Rare with Nintendo and Rare with Microsoft is pretty stark.

Yeah my minor complaints about SFA is that it was too linear and the battle system was shallow. And the enemies were kinda generic and not too varied. And the ending was somewhat disappointing. Graphics and music were great though and I really liked the feel of the world.

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 on: 07/07/12, 00:20:42
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