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December 08, 2011, 18:17:41
Title System Price Available Until


Super Mario Bros. 2 Wii U Virtual Console (NES) 200 coins June 30, 2015
Excitebike Wii U Virtual Console (NES) 200 coins June 30, 2015


Super Metroid Wii Virtual Console (SNES) 250 coins June 30, 2015
Super Punch Out!! Wii Virtual Console (SNES) 250 coins June 30, 2015


Super Mario Land 3DS Virtual Console (Gameboy) 150 coins June 30, 2015
Donkey Kong '94 3DS Virtual Console (Gameboy) 150 coins June 30, 2015
Wario Land 2 3DS Virtual Console (Gameboy) 200 coins June 30, 2015
The Legend of Zelda 3DS Virtual Console (NES) 200 coins June 30, 2015

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Posted: 12/08/11, 18:17:41  - Edited by 
 on: 01/21/15, 00:34:09    
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The stereoscopic 3D in Xevious is crazy good! I was really impressed by it. I really felt as if the ship was really, really high in the sky! Very cool!

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 02:47:00
I am now hooked on Mario vs Donkey Kong.... wow what a game!

and now the GBA version is coming this week?? man oh man.... .. must .. ..play....zelda....... but those wind up marios are so awesome!

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 03:09:44
So is Mario vs Donkey Kong: March of the Minis a full game?

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 03:53:49

Yup. A good 10 hours at least. Full level editor and sharing, too.

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 05:16:13
I've just ordered Fluidity and the new Zelda poster set. How come nobody told me they had new Zelda posters?!

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 06:58:40
Picked up Xevious and I'll probably get Fluidity as well.

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 07:01:25
They also have pen cases!!!

Edit: the Fluidity exposure is making me smile. It is the best WiiWare game, after all.

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 07:14:40  - Edited by 
 on: 12/15/11, 07:15:28
Xevious is a BILLION times harder when played in 3D mode, but also a BILLION times more fun.

Looking at the ground targets and "past" the foreground ships tends to land me in Blown-Up-Ville.

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 07:37:21
150 coins for Fluidity? Isn't 150 coins...not really a lot? Or am I mistaken? Wasn't that a $12 game?

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 08:24:45

It's a very good deal. Jump on it!

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 08:30:09
Should I jump on Mario vs. DK? I've never played one, and one of them is coming with the GBA ambassador program, so is it worth it or should I wait to see next month's games?

I got Fluidity :D

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 10:30:27

Nice,Fluidity is great!

And definitely get Mario vs DK. It's very good and Lemmings-y, while the one from the GBA Ambassador program is more in the vein of Donkey Kong 94.

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 14:47:05
I shall echo Gui's recommendation. Great game. It's similar to Miniland Mayhem, but not Mario Vs. DK GBA.

Posted by 
 on: 12/15/11, 16:09:39
Ordered Fluidity and the Zelda 25th Anniversary poster set. The Skyward Sword posters are pretty cool, but MAN is that 25th Anniversary one rad.

Posted by 
 on: 12/16/11, 02:54:21
Fluidity is MINE!

I'd get the Zelda poster set... but I have the last Zelda poster set and they're all still rolled up in the tube they were sent it lol. Been meaning to buy some damn poster frames, but just haven't gotten around to it.

Also, before I grab Fluidity blindly... I better look and see what else is there lol, I only have 290 points.

EDIT: Holy crap dat MESSENGER BAG! Ooooh, to grab Fluidity or to go buy a handful of games for the bag...



Posted by 
 on: 12/16/11, 08:13:32  - Edited by 
 on: 12/16/11, 08:15:43
You know what, fuck it I'm getting Super Mario Kart. When's the next time I'll be able to get SMK for free? Probably never. I have more than enough coins (I'm still hoarding surveys, lol).

I hope you got Fluidity man, it's the best WiiWare game ever!

Posted by 
 on: 12/20/11, 18:40:10
I was thinking, we got four games:

Virtual Console title
WiiWare title
DSiWare title
eShop title

I wonder if it will continue this way for the next round (assuming one comes).

What other Nintendo published WiiWare titles have there been? Dr. Mario, what else?

Posted by 
 on: 12/20/11, 18:42:04
Wasn't there a Tetris game as well? Kind of sad though. There isn't that many Nintendo published WiiWare titles, is there?

Posted by 
 on: 12/20/11, 18:43:32
There are a lot, actually. All the Art Style games, Bonsai Barber, Snowpack Park, Eco Shooter: Plant 530, ExciteBike World Rally, ThruSpace, and probably a few more.

Posted by 
 on: 12/20/11, 18:45:44
Oh right, Art Style. I haven't played any of those so they would be quite welcome.

Posted by 
 on: 12/20/11, 18:46:21
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