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Nintendo are releasing a Special Edition Zelda 3DS this month in Europe
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November 08, 2011, 14:32

Now I wish I held out on buying a 3DS, is that not a glorious sight? No word yet on whether this is making it outside of Europe but Nintendo sure are treating us Europeans extra special this year.

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11/08/11, 14:32   Edited:  11/08/11, 14:34
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Confirmed for NA by GameStop. This is from their Black Friday circular. Saw it on GoNintendo.

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 on: 11/12/11, 20:08
I didn't know there was a Mario Land 3D bundle as well. I think 3DS is finally coming into its prime, it is going to be a huge seller this holiday season.

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 on: 11/12/11, 20:10
Wow, Nintendo will be cleaning up this holiday season. I would be tempted to get a second, I can get 70 bucks trade in value for a raggedy old DS Lite.

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 on: 11/12/11, 20:11
Had absolutely intention in buying a 3DS anytime soon, but this bundle is pretty tempting.

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 on: 11/12/11, 20:30
Hm, this bundle looks pretty good. Of course, I already have a 3DS, but if I didn't... this would make me a purchaser.

Heck, if I had more money to just throw around... I'd buy this just for collection purposes!

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 on: 11/14/11, 20:18
As cool as this looks, I think I'll still have to hold out. I will miss playing games with Mrs_Mustache though..

I mean, its not like I can't just "borrow" it if I absolutely need to play something, like Tales of Whatever when it lands.

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 on: 11/14/11, 22:50
Does anyone know if there will be a Mario Kart 7 bundle as well? My cousin would definitely buy one for his wife in December if there were such a bundle, since she's dying to get that game. But I haven't heard of such a bundle, and considering how many bundles there are already, I doubt they would introduce another.

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 on: 12/01/11, 03:58
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