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Crush 3DS delayed due to adoption rate?
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July 18, 2011, 19:43:30
Does this seem kind of strange to you guys, as well? I guess I can kind of understand not wanting to be one of the forgotten launch-ish titles, but if they launch with Mario Kart/Super Mario 3DS, they'll be way MORE under-the-radar. I'd buy it right now. And it would help to bolster the lineup for future titles. Does Zoe Mode really have the financial reserves to let the game sit on their shelf, aging?

Regardless, BAD NEWS.

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Posted: 07/18/11, 19:43:30    
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I've got a bad feeling about this.

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 on: 07/18/11, 20:00:32
This is definitely not a good sign if publishers are holding back what appears to be finished games. It's tough to understand too because it's not like the 3DS is bombing, it is selling pretty well and will obviously be selling much better down the line.

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 on: 07/18/11, 21:16:55
I just watched the trailer, hadn't heard of the game before today.

It does seem very niche. It's a puzzle game but it seems aimed more at very experienced gamers, not the usual casual friendly fare. It's a retail game that looks like it should be a downloadable. I can imagine it does make sense for the game to launch around the holidays when the 1st party games are driving the hardware sales. I'm not sure there's much else to read into the situation.

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 on: 07/18/11, 21:21:50
I can only imagine that Sega is trying to hit some kind of sweet spot where 3DS sales are picking up without a corresponding increase in first party software to distract from this title. Does such a window exist? Not releasing a finished game is insane. WTF is going on?

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 on: 07/18/11, 21:39:22
@Kal-El814 Maybe leading up to the holidays. What 1st party games are supposedly releasing this year? Mario Kart... Super Mario (I'm betting it will be delayed), what else?

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 on: 07/18/11, 21:49:25
But don't you think it'll be swallowed up by the two-headed Mario Kart/SM3DS beast? If it came out now, it would get a lot of exposure, even though it's an upgraded port of a PSP game.

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 on: 07/18/11, 21:51:34

That's sort of my point, though. Little Timmy isn't going to be asking for Mario Kart, Super Mario and frigging Crush. If a well reviewed game drops now, it has almost no competition. We've got what, 2 good fighters, a turn based strategy game, OoT and Mercs? There's little competition now. There will absolutely be competition once MK drops.

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 on: 07/18/11, 22:00:19
@Kal-El814 I know, but I meant that if Super Mario is delayed and Mario Kart comes in say... November, maybe they're just waiting until Octoberish? Who knows.

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 on: 07/18/11, 22:13:42
CRUSH is a terrific game. Those who have a PSP, I suggest nabbing a copy since it's cheap as all get-out right now. For those that don't have a PSP, (but have a 3DS) GET READY. The game is a breath of fresh air for the puzzle genre and well worth your time if you like these kind of games.

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 on: 07/19/11, 06:11:12
I don't have a PSP, so I was looking forward to this. This news about the delay just makes today's news in general even worse though.

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 on: 07/19/11, 09:05:07
That is super retarded. Or, as I like to put it, par for the course for Sega.

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 on: 07/19/11, 16:29:33
Chicken and the egg.

Nintendo leaves the launch window open to devs so that they don't have to compete with Nintendo's heavy hitters, and therefore increase 3rd party game sales.

3rd parties squander the opportunity and instead wait for Nintendo's heavy hitters to increase hardware sales so that they can sell their own games (and compete with Nintendo's big games).

Once September comes, the 3DS is gonna be dominated by Nintendo games through next year and games like Crush will definitely get overlooked.

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 on: 07/19/11, 22:48:21  - Edited by 
 on: 07/19/11, 22:49:42

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 on: 07/20/11, 20:07:01
What on earth makes them think they will sell more in february? Yeah there will be more 3DS out there... but everyone will have gotten a 3DS and a game or two for Christmas and won't be looking for Crush in february.


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 on: 07/20/11, 20:32:55
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