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19 DSiware titles will not transfer to the 3DS
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June 02, 2011, 22:44:28
Nintendo's support site now lists 19 exceptions to the DSiware titles that can be transferred from an owner's DSi to a 3DS.

Nintendo said:
The functionality to transfer DSiWare from a Nintendo DSi to a Nintendo 3DS will become available through an update planned for the evening of June 6 Pacific time. All DSiWare games currently available will be able to transfer with the following exceptions:

Art Academy First Semester
Art Academy Second Semester
Asphalt IV
Crash-Course Domo
Earthworm Jim
Flipnote Studio
Hard-Hat Domo
Let's Golf
Nintendo DSi Browser
Oregon Trail
Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon
Pro-Putt Domo
Real Soccer 2009
Real Soccer 2010
Rock-n-Roll Domo
Sudoku Student
White-Water Domo

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Posted: 06/02/11, 22:44:28    
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That IS pretty lame, but whatever.

Some good news: The official list of non-transferrable games on Nintendo.com is now smaller:

* Asphalt IV
* Earthworm Jim
* Flipnote Studio*
* Let's Golf
* Nintendo DSi Browser
* Oregon Trail
* Real Soccer 2009
* Real Soccer 2010
* Sudoku Student

So there's some hope for Pinball Pulse? Yaaaay!

Have you guys heard of this NintendoEverything site? It's a pretty good news-focused alternative to GoNintendo. Not so much clutter.

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 on: 06/05/11, 23:57:41  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/11, 23:57:54

But whatever?!? Dude. If I transfer my games, I'll have to start Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again over from the beginning! The beginning, man!

Good to see that list on non-transferrable games shrinking, though.

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 on: 06/06/11, 02:28:55
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