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"Retelling" of one of the best video games ever coming to DS
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November 19, 2009, 06:36:46
Yes, I am talking about Lufia II of course. Wasn't expecting this. Lufia and Lufia II on SNES are some of my favorite RPGs of all time. I hope they don't screw this up.

I'm super psyched about the returning music, Lufia I/II had some of the best game soundtracks. In fact, THIS MAY BE THE BEST GAME SONG EVER.

- Square-Enix requested the game
- dev team says it's not a port or direct remake
- different world from the SNES version
- Wave Device is a key element
- expect to use the dpad more than the stylus
- tough, but not too tough bosses
- 'growth of the RPG'
- scenario is based on Lufia II, will have lines that are the same as Lufia II, but overall the game is being rewritten
- town number differs from first and second game
- returning music from first and second game
- improved sound quality
- once again, original staff reconfirmed
- retaining "xxx of Magic" and "Magical xxx"

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Posted: 11/19/09, 06:36:46    
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I've been interested in playing the Lufia games at some point because I'd like to play more SNES RPGs, so I guess I'll keep an eye on this as well.

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 on: 11/19/09, 08:22:39
Lufia II actually had a lot of pretty high quality puzzles involved, which looking back on it, seems almost rare. I mean, most RPG puzzles are fairly basic, and come off as looking like an afterthought at best.

So I'm also very interested in knowing if they are going to be keeping the puzzle element, and if so, are they going to rehash the old ones or create totally new ones?

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 on: 11/19/09, 08:27:08
Is that the main character? Hawt.

In all seriousness, I honestly tend to be more interested in games with female leads (ie., FFVI sticks out of course, it has two!), so if that's the main character then I'm already interested.

Anyhow, Ihave no history with Lufia II, so I might be very interested in this just because. Hopefully it lives up to the rep the original game got.

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 on: 11/20/09, 06:45:25
Well... I think Maxim is probably the "main" character but really the story is kind of focused on both of them, as well as other party members.

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 on: 11/20/09, 20:00:28
Fair enough. Still interested. Just a sucker for female leads (no surprise why I'm such a big Metroid fan, right?).

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 on: 11/21/09, 03:34:54
This could be awesome. Kinda wish this was coming to Wii. It's not like the DS doesn't already have a million (or so) awesome RPGs under its belt and more on the way. :-P I'll keep an eye out for it. This, and the SaGa 2 remake, of course.

Posted by 
 on: 11/24/09, 13:40:39

Looks like an action/RPG remake. Weird. It actually looks kind of cool, but not many developers seem to have pulled off 3D gameplay mechanics on DS very well so far, so... we'll see.

Also I had no idea that the developers of the original Lufia games were the developers of the Rune Factory games?! I think I definitely need to get ahold of one of those games now.

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 on: 12/08/09, 23:46:02
Also I had no idea that the developers of the original Lufia games were the developers of the Rune Factory games?! I think I definitely need to get ahold of one of those games now.

Haha, that's awesome, I didn't know that myself.

Frontier is a great game, btw. Not exactly A level or anything (it does scream PS2), but I played the hell out of it and at any time I could plop right back in and be addicted again. I might pop it in this weekend, been thinking about the game a lot lately...

Posted by 
 on: 12/10/09, 08:23:10
Yeah Frontier is on my list of Wii games to check out, doubly so now that I know the Lufia team is behind it.

Posted by 
 on: 12/10/09, 23:32:40
I never played Lufia... but this has my interest :)

Posted by 
 on: 12/16/09, 18:04:54
Hmmmmm, I am in the same boat as Smerd. Never played it, but this could be interesting, especially since I like RPGs. :D

Posted by 
 on: 12/16/09, 18:09:05
Came in expecting a Wario Land 2 remake. I leave severely disappointed.

Posted by 
 on: 12/16/09, 20:45:04
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