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Bye Bye Hudson Entertainment
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February 08, 2011, 23:24:33
The Bee died.

Well ... I never cared about any Hudson games. Bomberman's decent, I guess. But it's always sad to hear of stuff like this.

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Posted: 02/08/11, 23:24:33    
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Aww.... Bomberman better continue. Ah the good memories with Bomberman 64 (and it's AWESOME multiplayer)

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 on: 02/10/11, 06:24:43

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 on: 02/24/11, 16:53:52

That's a great article. Thanks.

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 on: 02/24/11, 22:42:36

Ha, I just finished it myself (only skimmed it at work), pretty good stuff! I now find myself missing them even if I didn't grow up with their games, really.


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 on: 02/25/11, 05:07:35  - Edited by 
 on: 02/25/11, 05:07:59
I read it, too (along with the original rant). Interesting. I've always had a soft spot for Hudson. I think it was because of that independent, non-corporate spirit they mentioned. I've generally enjoyed the TG-16 stuff on the VC more than the Genesis stuff. And didn't Hudson have to do almost all of it by itself? Pretty impressive.

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 on: 02/25/11, 17:23:45
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