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Miyamoto: Working on a Super Mario Bros. game for 3DS
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February 01, 2011, 22:56:12
"Itís important to always use the most advanced technology for Mario in order to create something no one has ever seen before."

A new New Super Mario Bros? Something entirely different? Who knows! I just know I'm excited

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Posted: 02/01/11, 22:56:12  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/11, 21:18:11    
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Super Mario Sunshine 3DS!!!

... Actually, that might be awesome. But I'd rather have a new game. Which I believe is what we are going to get.

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 on: 02/01/11, 22:57:18
The fact that he said "Super Mario Bros." makes me think this is a 2D game. I could be wrong, though

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 on: 02/01/11, 22:58:22
Woah wait... really? They are really making a Super Mario game for the 3DS? I didn't expect this!

Ok sorry, sarcasm aside, it's always nice to have a confirmation even if it is an obvious thing. With Nintendo you never quite know. After all, they sold like 6 million copies of Mario Party 8 or something insane, making it the best selling Mario Party ever and then... stopped making them.

I'm 100% sure we will see a 2D Mario game on 3DS. I wonder what they will do for 3D Mario though? Something utilizing the gravity/etc. mechanics of the Galaxy games? Or something more traditional, now that 3D will allow for easier perspectives for platforming? Or... something I can't grasp at the moment but will blow me away?

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 on: 02/01/11, 23:01:01  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/11, 23:02:16
If it is a 2D side-scroller, I'm interested to see how he incorporates the 3D aspect. If it's in 3D (which would work well with the analog slider), I'm drooling already.

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 on: 02/01/11, 23:09:55
I'm sure that'll be good, great even, but I'm most excited about the new character IP Miyamoto promised for this year.

Nintendo does as much as any company to keep its long running series fresh and inventive, but there's nothing like a new franchise. That's when creativity can blow the conventions out of the door.

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 on: 02/01/11, 23:16:22
"News" lol

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 on: 02/01/11, 23:29:06
Yeah, he has previously said that he is working on both 2D and 3D Mario games for this thing.

Can't wait to see them.

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 on: 02/02/11, 00:16:26

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 on: 02/02/11, 04:18:50

Miyamoto said:
I think New Super Mario Bros. Wii firmly established the idea of everyone in the family playing together. I want to keep heading in that direction so the games are a tool for family bonding.

Smells like he's planning online multiplayer or at least local (which would be underutilizing the system).

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 on: 02/02/11, 05:09:13
3DS is going to dominate Nintendo's E3 this year most likely. We'll be getting lots of game announcements, some of which might be released within the year.

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 on: 02/02/11, 05:56:12
I'm always up for more Mario. If he's seriously going to do something new with it, then I'm intrigued.

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 on: 02/02/11, 06:01:35
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