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Trauma Team (Nintendo Wii) Review
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8.26/10 from 7 user ratings
Trauma Team is the third Wii game in Atlus' "Trauma" series, and was released in NA in May 2010. The main difference in this game, is that you not only play as a surgeon, but you also assume the role of first response, orthopedics, diagnostician, endoscopist, and forensics. These 6 doctors make up the trauma team, and you follow them along their intertwining storylines.

The game has great character design.

I enjoyed the variety of the professions, though some are more fun than others. Diagnostician was quite enjoyable most of the time, you have to deduce what disease your patient is suffering from by listening to them and through physical inspection and specialized exams (X-Ray, MRI, etc...). It's quite realistic and I appreciate the detail that went into these parts. I quite enjoyed the banter between Gabriel Cunningham (2nd from left), who is probably my favourite member of the team, and his patients and "assistant". I just like the cut of his jib.
I enjoyed the investigative forensics parts, they really stand out as something new to the series. I especially liked the last investigative case and the puzzles you must solve. Surgeon was great, as was First Response where you have to multitask, addressing several patients in critical condition at the scene of the accident. Orthopedics (where you deal mostly with bone repair) was good, but it felt very "on-rails" or should I say, guided. I enjoyed Endoscopy more than I thought I would, but the last "operation" was kind of meh.

The storyline throws you into more realistic scenarios than past Trauma games

One of my qualms has to do with the fact that the co-op in Trauma Team is dumbed down from New Blood. This was a disappointment to me, because I thought New Blood's co-op was perfect and expected just as much from the sequel. Firstly, a couple of the professions are single-player only, and for the rest you either alternate with the second player, or allocate tools to one player or the other before the operation. This drastically reduces the on-the-fly gameplay and decision-making that was so prevalent in New Blood. But, in single-player it's a moot point.

Trauma Team one-ups its predecessors in terms of presentation, though. The cut-scenes are very well presented, with full dialogue and text. Although the story is a bit all over the place, it comes together in the end, and it's not your typical "mega-cancer/virus thing risking of taking over the world" scenario as in previous Trauma Center games. The characters are surprisingly well-developed, and it's enjoyable to see the doctors involved in multiple facets of the medical community. The gameplay is also more focused, and less ambiguous. I remember a lot of times in New Blood you would have no clue what to do next; well, that never happens in Trauma Team, and it's better for it. The game is also a little bit easier in terms of frustrating difficulty, compared to its predecessors, but there's an unlockable hard mode.

You just can't review Trauma Team without including this pic. Damn right, you're off-duty.

All things said, this is the best Trauma experience available. It's truly a great title, that unfortunately got overshadowed by a monster 2010 in terms of other higher profile Wii releases. The game should be cheap by now, and I absolutely recommend picking it up.

Spoiler alert, I found this funny: don't click unless you've finished the game

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Posted: 01/21/11, 23:43:42  - Edited by 
 on: 02/15/11, 14:28:25    
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ei! awesome review

I played a Trauma Center game on the Wii before, hmm.. I did not finish the game because some of the parts were " unrealistic". Oh well I know this is just a game but its kinda hard to play if you already know the details.Let me explain, I've been in this kind of career for 8 years so there are some cases or events where you already know what's happening to a patient, and you already know what to do and not to do. Anyway, Trauma Team sounds interesting, I might consider buying this game

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 on: 02/23/11, 01:46:20  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/11, 04:20:43
Alright, finally finished the game.

I think I mostly said everything already. I liked the variety, but missed the real sense of challenge and tension, not to mention the kind of crazy never know what to expect missions of the older games. And I hate endoscopy. And I kind of hate orthopedics, I didn't mind it at first but it gets super repetitive fast.

I think my ideal for the franchise moving forward would be to get rid of endoscopy and orthopedics (or at least just use them for one or two missions here and there) and make "surgery" be at least like 50%-75% of the missions or so. Bring back some of the real challenge too, and bring back some weirdness. Bring back online rankings. And then we'll be set.

I may try the new specialist difficulty level but... maybe not. I think I'm done with this game. It was decent, but I kind of prefer the older ones.

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 on: 02/28/11, 02:11:19  - Edited by 
 on: 02/28/11, 02:11:50
I agree with everything you said, Zero! Though I didn't mind the endoscopy or orthopedics as much as you, they are definitely the weakest links in the Trauma Team formula. I was also thinking they could combine the diagnostic and forensic into one, not sure how it would work but they are very similarly slow paced. Surgery should be the focus, no doubt. I'd also like to see better co-op and online rankings, a la New Blood.

Even so, this game met my expectations because of the sheer amount of variety and content. The presentation was really, really good too. I hope to see more Trauma action in the near future, but a 3DS version is iffy because of the non-3D and secondary nature of the touch screen, while the Wii is breathing its last breath right now. We might have to wait a little while to find out what Atlus will make of the next entry.

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 on: 02/28/11, 17:58:01
I think it basically bombed in NA, so maybe don't hold your breath for a European release.

Actually it looks like as a whole the series has seen severely diminishing returns over the last few iterations. Trauma Team was probably an attempt to mix up the formula and respark interest, and it failed hard there. I sort of question whether the series has much of a future, period.

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 on: 02/28/11, 18:51:55  - Edited by 
 on: 02/28/11, 18:54:59
Is there any word of a Trauma Center 3DS release?

I think the 3D tech could really make this series shine.

Posted by 
 on: 02/28/11, 19:51:46
Crap, I didn't think of that.

My idea was to have an open chest cavity with the beating heart sitting there in 3D, waiting to be operated on. How awesome would that be?


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 on: 02/28/11, 20:52:32
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