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Little Known 3DS Features
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January 19, 2011, 22:44:25
Just a few things you all might want to know about!

The Nintendo 3DS will play both AAC and MP3 music. No more MP3 bigotry.

The eShop (aka Virtual Console, 3DSiWare, etc) will be CASH-based. No more Nintendo Points for this system. That's quite interesting personally. It'll be a bit more like say iTunes in that way but you can also buy pre-paid cards as well.

Finally, that 3DS 2gig card that comes with it? Well you can upgrade to up to 32 gig because the slot will allow it.
Perhaps we all should go out and get a 32gig card in anticipation? $75 @ Newegg - $65.77 @ Amazon
- though a 4gig card is under $7 at Amazon.


Also, for anyone who cares, the Wall Street Journal has a small speculation/info recap segment online;

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 on: 02/18/11, 01:28:16    
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Who's to say they can't in the future? They could make it part of the Mii Channel.

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 on: 01/21/11, 16:31:42
Maybe it'll be like a built-in Tomodachi Collection.

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 on: 01/21/11, 16:33:00
Actually, Miis are a 1-way transfer. You can send them Wii --> 3DS, but not the other way around, since the 3DS Miis have more features.

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 on: 01/21/11, 18:33:23

More and more, it becomes obvious just how poorly thought-out/designed the Wii is, at least in terms of OS and everything attached to it. I mean, is it really impossible for them to update the Miis on the Wii and add those features?

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 on: 01/21/11, 18:49:55
It's technically possible to patch the Mii Channel, but there is still the issue that the Wii OS is completely different from the 3DS OS, and the 3DS OS has been designed from the beginning to take into account the Miis from the Wii, but the Wii has not. Nothing short of a complete OS overhaul would allow the Wii OS to share features with the 3DS.

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 on: 01/21/11, 19:51:15
Has anyone mentioned the indicator light on the unit? It flashes multiple colors to tell you what's going on with your system, even while it's closed, apparently. For example, it'll flash one color for Street(Spot?)Pass and another to tell you when a friend of yours is online.

It's about time!

(I sure hope that my assumption that it works when the system is in standby is true. It would explain the short battery life.)

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 on: 01/21/11, 19:58:21
Yes, the light notifications work on stand-by.

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 on: 01/21/11, 20:25:47
Sounds like the PS Move.

Posted by 
 on: 01/21/11, 21:33:53
Man... 3DS is just too damn cool.



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 on: 01/22/11, 00:18:25
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