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Conduit 2 Release Date + Weapons Trailer
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January 18, 2011, 19:47:02
Oh, yes.

Conduit releases March 18, 2011 in Europe and March 17 in Australia. Other websites like this and many others say it releases March 22 in North America, but I haven't seen anything on Sega's website. That's a Sega PR, though, so it can't be fake right.

My official statement still is and will forever be "lol, conduit" but it's a nice game to have on a most likely slow year like 2011, I guess.

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 on: 01/18/11, 19:48:20    
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I'm definitely looking forward to it. I don't have high expectations, but I like that HVS is putting the effort into a good FPS and seemingly working to correct problems players had with the first one.

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 on: 01/18/11, 19:54:03
The game looks great in that trailer. The weapons are pretty bad-ass. I posted the american release date for The Conduit 2 last month on here but I deleted the thread because it became too much of a "conduit isn't worth anyone's time" kind of thread and well, that's not the discussion that the thread was for. At the time I had Feb 15th down from whatever article I found it on, but if these are March dates for other areas, perhaps Feb 15th is wrong now. Maybe they delayed it.

GoNintendo also confirms it to now be March 22nd so perhaps that's the best estimate.

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 on: 01/18/11, 20:15:46
Yikes! I'm getting a Perfect Dark vibe from those weapons! I hope that this game really makes the FPS genre shine for Wii. We all know IR point and shoot is a wonderful thing.

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 on: 01/18/11, 21:03:11
A lot of that looked pretty good, but less impressive was the guy whose legs had clipped through a wall and the 2 enemies who had exactly the same animation at the same time.

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 on: 01/18/11, 21:37:47

I noticed the two enemies flinching exactly the same too. Kind of...odd. The weapons look really cool though. I never played the first, but color me slightly interested in this one.

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 on: 01/18/11, 21:42:44
Definitely looks a lot better than the first, but we'll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

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 on: 01/19/11, 01:00:01
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