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Metroid on the 3DS to be revealed Wednesday?!
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January 17, 2011, 03:17:06

Article from GoNintendo.


PLEASE tell me this is true!

A 3DS Metroid would be amazing.

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Posted: 01/17/11, 03:17:06    
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I would like a new non-FPS Metroid. I never could get into Hunters on the DS. While I really like the prime series, I think there is much more potential in hybrids of the traditional 2d mode with 3d gameplay. If they can take what they started with M:OM, and really make something polished and exciting, or just make an old school 2d style game with a real sense of depth thanks to the 3d screen, maybe with design features like DKCR. Actually, yeah, that last ideas sounds really nice.

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 on: 01/17/11, 03:34:40
I'm dreading the wait.

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 on: 01/17/11, 03:40:23


I get it :V

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 on: 01/17/11, 03:46:21
Well that would be quite the mindfuck. I'd love to see it happen though. Metroid Dread on 3DS, a Super Metroid-esque platformer/shooter/action/exploration game with amazing graphics and new gameplay elements... eh eh?

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 on: 01/17/11, 03:50:09  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/11, 03:50:37
Wasn't there some rumor a while ago about Retro working on a Metroid in the Prime universe? Could this be that title?

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 on: 01/17/11, 03:53:33
Jonathan Ross?

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 on: 01/17/11, 04:00:40

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 on: 01/17/11, 04:23:47

also, is the 3DS event this Wednesday? I think it was the 19th, right?

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 on: 01/17/11, 04:29:22
Man that would be so amazing! I just really, really don't want it to be a port with 3D.

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 on: 01/17/11, 04:44:12
I never even thought about a Metroid Prime Hunters sequel but considering this was one of the early titles for the DS, having a sequel for the 3DS seems like it would make sense. Please don't let it be a sequel!

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 on: 01/17/11, 04:45:14
Secret_Tunnel said:
I'm dreading the wait.

HA! I see waht u did there

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 on: 01/17/11, 05:03:34
as a matter of fact I'd love for RETRO to do it.. but I agree... I wish it was 2D, not 2.5 or FPS... but wait... 2D on the 3D machine,,,,....

it would really make sense for Nintendo to do it first person so u can turn the 3ds to look around and that should means (if they are inteligent) that Retro should do it... but wait... hunters wasn't all that... so... WHO KNOWS!!!!!!!!!! oh the dilemma!!!

oh and they're talkign about MH3 for the 3DS too... omg gaming galore for 2011 needs to start NOW... my brain is not even working properly due to the excitement

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 on: 01/17/11, 05:06:23

Retro didn't make Hunters though, NST did.

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 on: 01/17/11, 05:36:48  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/11, 05:38:34
I would love it. Remember the Metroid "demo" where it showed the Other M Samus model when the 3DS was unveiled? Maybe that model was actually for the game. Damn it's going to be a tough wait for the 3DS, esp. for me since I'm going to wait for the refined version.

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 on: 01/17/11, 06:26:42
Just to keep my expectations low, I'm going to expect it to be nothing but a port of Metroid Prime.

Actually...that alone sound pretty badass. Metroid Prime with competent 3D would be amazing.

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 on: 01/17/11, 07:08:26
Tranquilo said:

Retro didn't make Hunters though, NST did.

What's wrong with me today... First I say that Calvin did links awakening ... Now retro doing hunters.

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 on: 01/17/11, 07:40:49
Super Metroid Kart. Bank on it.

Posted by 
 on: 01/17/11, 07:53:33
Color me uninterested.

Posted by 
 on: 01/17/11, 08:24:31
2D/Side Scrolling or GTFO.

Posted by 
 on: 01/17/11, 14:10:55
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