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Night Sky coming out finally on the 6th. To Windows.
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January 04, 2011, 07:03:04
No date for the Wiiware version still. But in the comments section someone posted "they said on Twitter they felt that they had to get it out ASAP, and that the console version is next up in the pipeline."

Apparently this "nifflas" dude is a big deal for many indie gaming fans. I'll have to look up his other stuff, when I get around to it (and if I remember to).

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Posted: 01/04/11, 07:03:04  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/11, 03:58:46    
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Looks even better than the last trailer we got like a year ago.

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 on: 01/04/11, 07:11:26
The old trailer looked better to me, actually. Partly because of the beautiful music, but also the mechanics shown.

Coming 2009, lol!

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 on: 01/04/11, 07:14:22
And so once again we see why announcing a game so early in development is a bad idea.

Still, at least it's actually coming out. I think PC sales will absolutely cannibalize WiiWare ones, though. Especially since it's bound to be cheaper.

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 on: 01/04/11, 09:27:24
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it due out right after Cave Story? Nicalis is ambitious, but they can't get a product out by a deadline to save their lives. Oh yeah, where is La Mulana?

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 on: 01/04/11, 16:09:36
It is bizarre that games like Cave Story and La Mulana have taken so long. But I think Nicalis' other games will come out eventually. Cave Story is like the opposite of Super Meat Boy. It is ALL OVER Nintendo platforms.

By the way, did you guys read about the Meat Boy guys working on a 'portable' game for next year? Like, a palette cleanser, I think they said? Maybe it was in GamePro. I'm thinking 3DSWare is a shoo-in. I also think Bit.Trip Runner will have a trippy 3D sequel on the platform.

Holmes alluded to developer disappointment with sales, but how many quality games do we have some form of data on? World of Goo did well. The first couple of Strongbad games did well. Tetris did well. And My Aquarium did well. Everything else is up in the air. But how many more third-party games deserved to sell?

NyxQuest went to Steam... Cave Story seemed to get a big push by the Big N. I can't think of anything else right now.

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 on: 01/04/11, 23:19:58  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/11, 23:20:28
Art Style.

I'm curious to see how Fluidity sells. It's so weird to me that it is Nintendo published, have they published other 3rd party games? Of course, it's more 2nd party IE worked on hand in hand from the start, but it seems Nintendo mostly ignores WiiWare so it was odd to see this game arise.

I'm also curious to know how well the PSN/360 titles that aren't getting press and reviews sold. Probably better than the WiiWare ones that aren't, but they can't have sold too well.

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 on: 01/04/11, 23:24:04
I mean stuff not published by Nintendo. Those games are a different story.

Almost everything Nintendo publishes on downloadable platforms was made by a third-party. I hope Fluidity does well. The guys at Curve seem really cool.

I think it was implied recently that below-the-radar XBLA and especially PSN games do just as badly as WiiShovelWare. I mean, there are a lot of viable alternatives on those platforms. XBLA, at least.

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 on: 01/04/11, 23:26:57
Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to make it to WiiWare? I read a Joystiq article a couple weeks back and Nicalis said NightSky's console fate is up in the air at the moment.....what the hell?

These indie devs need to stop announcing WiiWare games years in advance and then canceling them. I mean, what's the point of even following the service anymore?

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 on: 01/04/11, 23:32:40  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/11, 23:33:59

I'm getting that feeling as well. At least we have And Yet It Moves...similar, but different (and amazing) art style.

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 on: 01/04/11, 23:49:44
It's about friggin' time. It will probably come to Steam which will be good enough for me.

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 on: 01/05/11, 00:54:36
IGN review (by Daemon)

Available only on the developer's site (for now?).

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 on: 01/07/11, 06:29:33
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