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Wii Apathy
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September 10, 2009, 22:20:09
It is impossible to talk about Wii games on the gaming boards. People just don’t seem to give a shit. Start a thread about the 3 awesome 2D action games released this week on the Wii, and you get a few genuinely interested responses, then people who don’t even own a Wii push their PC or 360 game of the moment, and the thread dies a quick death.

But start a thread about a 360 game on the Wii board with a half-assed attempt to make it seem on topic and you’ll have pages and pages of discussion.

What’s with this apathy? We all know the « hardcore » label is poorly defined and useless, and some posters have taken to calling themselves « game enthusiasts » or something, but has the Wii lost the interest of even those people who claim to have broader tastes, who say they need colors in their games other than brown, who look down at FPSes?

Has the Wii actually managed to alienate nearly everyone?

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Posted: 09/10/09, 22:20:09    
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I think Iwata's right, and you're right in saying he's one of the few out there who would admit such a thing. Nintendo 1st party in particular hasn't been producing much lately, and though he recognizes that, I'm not sure what caused the "stall" or why they even let it get to that. Perhaps there's no sense of urgency like they had with the GameCube. They're on top and they're comfortable. No rush.

As for Mickey...the screens look disappointing. But I'm not writing it off: they're likely early shots, and even though it's looking like not much effort is being put in (judging by the visuals at least), scale wise it's probably going to be one of those "biggie" games that the Wii has been lacking of late. Or so I hope. I'm still excited for it.

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 on: 10/31/09, 21:50:52
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