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Wii Apathy
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September 10, 2009, 22:20:09
It is impossible to talk about Wii games on the gaming boards. People just don’t seem to give a shit. Start a thread about the 3 awesome 2D action games released this week on the Wii, and you get a few genuinely interested responses, then people who don’t even own a Wii push their PC or 360 game of the moment, and the thread dies a quick death.

But start a thread about a 360 game on the Wii board with a half-assed attempt to make it seem on topic and you’ll have pages and pages of discussion.

What’s with this apathy? We all know the « hardcore » label is poorly defined and useless, and some posters have taken to calling themselves « game enthusiasts » or something, but has the Wii lost the interest of even those people who claim to have broader tastes, who say they need colors in their games other than brown, who look down at FPSes?

Has the Wii actually managed to alienate nearly everyone?

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Posted: 09/10/09, 22:20:09    
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Simbabbad! I was wondering why you stopped posting. I missed you :'( :p

I agree that it's sad how hard it is to have a real discussion regarding Wii games today. I admit I haven't had much to contribute lately, since I haven't gotten any recent Wii games (like Contra ReBirth, which I really want to get as soon as possible), or I haven't started them yet (Little King's Story), but I feel like my backlog of games is getting way too big way too quickly, so I want to complete at least one or two of them before getting any new ones. So I haven't spent a ton of time with my Wii lately, but I don't blame that on the Wii in any way. I know there are games I could be playing on it, and it's because of other circumstances that I haven't played many of them. I do look forward to when I'll finally have the time to sink into Little King's Story, or Contra ReBirth, or when Fatal Frame IV's translation patch comes out :p

With a selection of games like those and many other coming in the future like Silent Hill, it annoys me to no end when people still act like there's nothing worth playing on the Wii. I wonder if next generation, people will continue to bash Nintendo's latest system while saying the Wii is way better [face_talk_hand]

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 on: 09/19/09, 12:28:51
Didn't we all have a Casio? Such assy-sounding keyboards. I don't remember what music program I used. All I remember is that somebody wiped the hard drive without telling me, and I lost everything. Bleah.

^^ Of course people will say that. Sega started in motion a trend which will continue forever, because people are highly suggestible, and swallow marketing jargon like rock candy.

Or, you know, some kind of candy that ISN'T disgusting...

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 on: 09/19/09, 17:38:35
If this new era of downloading means getting a game like Secret of Monkey Island: SE, then let the good times roll.

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 on: 09/21/09, 06:38:13
Thanks Simbabbad

It's kind of interesting how long-lasting the effects of Sega's advertising have been on Nintendo's "coolness". I'm sure it's been the case other times, but I can't think of another time when advertising had such an effect on a company's reputation.

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 on: 09/22/09, 00:54:01
The WiiGB has become a cesspool of negativity ever since E3 2008. As every day goes by, it gets worse and worse. And the thing is, there are only like 3 or 4 actual trolls on the board. They just post so much and infiltrate just about every thread. For whatever reason, the mod's refuse to ban them or even lock their topics. They're too busy deleting my topics to bother with the trolls. ;)

Then you have Tre, which, well, yeah. I think I rather have more trolls then him. I'm thinking my 10k will be my last post over there. Especially considering I'll most likely get banned for it, just like I was for all my past milestone threads. I just can't justify being around such a downer of a message board.

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 on: 09/22/09, 02:26:58
Hey, guys. Eightbitguy sent me an invite to check the boards out. I've been more of a Wii Lobby guy over the years, but I've been posting in the GB a little more, since the apathy everyone is talking about has slowed the conversation down even in the Lobby. Just wanted to say I'm glad to be here and I'll try to poke my head in from time to time.

But there's no question in my mind that excitement for the Wii is pretty hard to detect around the boards these days (I've been thinking of calling the system "Wii-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"). I wonder if this has something to do with the general "Don't Care" attitude that Matt and Mark have been projecting lately, what with the lack of podcasts, lack of interesting content, the admission that they were really 360 gamers and the announcement that Matt was leaving the Nintendo team? Is this funky attitude going on on all Wii forums or is it just IGN?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to chatting with you guys.

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 on: 09/22/09, 02:29:42
The Wii GB was absolutely horrible after E3 2008, but I don't have much of a problem with the board right now. I just see others complain about the board all the time :p There are some annoying users, but I don't find them hard to ignore. I think my main problem with the board right now is that it doesn't seem to be quite as active as it once was, so it feels like there's less to discuss.

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 on: 09/22/09, 03:13:44
Welcome, Kris.

You're that "please, call me Kris." sig guy right?

I think third party developers are to blame for gamers losing excitement for Wii, with such shoddy efforts brought forth. There was a point in Wii's lifetime when I was all "third parties will bring it. they haven't yet because nobody could predict the success of the Wii, and the games are just now starting development. give it time and the AAA third party hits will come..."

Two years later...I've given up. We get some pretty good titles from a few companies, but they're few and far inbetween, and gameplay wise none of them are close to the caliber of Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, Two 2...

So yeah, I may be feeling down in that regard, but I still have a lot of fun with the Wii. I'm alright with it personally, but I understand why a good chunk of gamers just don't care anymore.

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 on: 09/22/09, 03:27:08
BTW it's great to see you again, Simba. I don't frequent the Lobby much, so I don't see you there. There's a couple of new characters on the WiiGB who I'd love to see you argue with. You'd make the poor kids cry. lol

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 on: 09/22/09, 04:13:45
As I've said in another thread, Simba, Contra Rebirth is pretty damn good. It's short, but I wouldn't say it "pales in comparison to Contra III", its direct inspiration. To get an idea of how it is, imagine Contra III, remove the mode 7 overhead levels, remove the slowdown, mix SNES graphics with graphics that are too good for SNES, insert nonsensical and absolutely hilarious cutscenes, and that's basically it in a nutshell.

Avoid playing it on Easy and try to find a buddy to play it with, and you should have a good time.

Oh, and welcome DungeonO, rothwyn, X-pert74 and kriswright! I'm sorry for my IGN whining thread, this board deserves better.

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 on: 09/22/09, 05:33:49
Steam is awesome, especially with their weekend deals.

Xbox Live Arcade is well... just like the other downloadable services pretty much. Nothing more, nothing less so...

a.k.a. Skyreus

Posted by 
 on: 09/22/09, 06:02:30
Yes, Griptor, that's me. You guys can call me Kris.

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 on: 09/22/09, 06:23:57
the admission that they were really 360 gamers and the announcement that Matt was leaving the Nintendo team?

Did they really say this? No surprise I guess. I understand people's tastes change over the years but you would think with all the eager applicants they could find ONE well written, hard working individual who actually likes Nintendo.

*cough* I actually applied for one of their remote reviewer positions... did I get a response? Hell no. *cough*

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 on: 09/22/09, 07:00:18
Yeah, I think it was the last podcast before the hiatus. Maybe the one before that. They started navel gazing for a second and all three of them basically said... "The Wii is cool and all but the 360 is what I want to play when I'm at home." I suppose you could interpret their comments as "Hey, I play the Wii all day for work so I play 360 at home to unwind." But that's not how it sounded to me. It pretty much sounded like they were all three outright stating their preference for the 360.

Not that there's a problem with them liking the 360 more than the Wii, mind you. That's up to them and they're entitled to their own views. They're professionals as well and should be able to write useful and honest reviews of Wii games without having to be rabid fans of the system. But... that lack of enthusiasm can be infectious.

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 on: 09/22/09, 10:10:09
That's okay Pandareus, we forgive you :p

EDIT: Skyreus, I agree that Steam is awesome. My backlog increased by nearly ten games due to that Indie games sale alone. I've only had time to get around to World of Goo lately (not counting Braid because I already played that on the 360), and it's pretty fun. I'm in World 2 now, and I've been able to get past most puzzles on my first try, but some of these recent puzzles are giving me a hard time.

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 on: 09/22/09, 12:32:02
I can play Steam games on my laptop without it being online. When I turn on my laptop, a message box pops up telling me it failed to go online, and one of the options is to run Steam offline. I just go with that and I'm then able to play any of my Steam games without being on the internet. It's nice because in my room there's only one internet connection, and that's usually in my desktop computer, so it would be annoying to have to keep unplugging that and switching it back and forth between computers :p

I'm not hugely into gritty shooters either, although I might be giving them more of a chance in the future because I find that FPSs are more enjoyable with a mouse than with dual analog. I do see some strategy/RPG games on there though that I plan on getting when I have the chance, like the Fallout and X-COM games.

Posted by 
 on: 09/23/09, 01:28:29
Holy hell, lots of people jumping in here. (o_O )

Yo' Kris, DungeonO!

The Wii GB was absolutely horrible after E3 2008, but I don't have much of a problem with the board right now. I just see others complain about the board all the time :p There are some annoying users, but I don't find them hard to ignore. I think my main problem with the board right now is that it doesn't seem to be quite as active as it once was, so it feels like there's less to discuss.

I agree man, 100%. I remember participating in an E3 wrap-up with a few other cats and having this really thought out discussion over Skype. And then it was posted for open discussion on the boards.

...and it fell into obscurity.

I'm still angry about that.

That being said though, it's toned down some... for now. Even with some of the rampant trolling that comes from 3-4 individuals (and really that's all there are, probably 3 actual trolls there that just tend to have the ability to drive any thread right off the tracks and into oblivion), it seems a bit more balanced now. We'll see how long that lasts though.

Like I said, I honestly only hold on to my Insider because of a few people that I know there (some who are now moving here it seems!) that I really respect and consider (online) friends. That and I never even check my damn renewal options and realize too late that it's already renewed, lol...

I think the console war killed discussions on pretty much all the boards I used to go. It never was that bad before, but this generation it's beyond crazy.

This gen has almost reached the SNES v. Genesis levels. Sega made some genius moves back then as far as putting that dent in Ninty's armor. Seriously - and it's been said before - it's the same arguments being played out every gen, just with a different set of buzzwords.

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 on: 09/23/09, 09:31:22
Hey guys, got the invite and I'm glad to be posting here. I was just browsing a few topics and it seems like there is some genuine gaming conversation going on here, which I like :) Now, I'm more of a lurker than anything else but I'll try to contribute when I can.
I too am growing tired of the WiiGB over at IGN. I think a lot of people resent the fact that Nintendo is dominating this generation with a non-HD console and games that appeal to casual and non-gamers. Thus, they feel the need to put down the Wii at every chance. I choose to love the Wii for what it is. So what if it doesn't output HD, in the end it's all about the games, and there are plenty of gems in Wii's library. Plenty of genres that are badly represented on HD consoles thrive on the Wii, and I hope publishers keep supporting the Wii with unique game experiences. And I embrace the fact that many of the top Nintendo titles are so-called 'bridge' titles, it just means I can enjoy my favourite hobby with family/girlfriend/casual gamer friends as well. I can't express in words how excited I am about NSMB Wii, it is going to be legendary.

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 on: 09/24/09, 23:08:13
"Oh, and welcome DungeonO, rothwyn, X-pert74 and kriswright! I'm sorry for my IGN whining thread, this board deserves better."

Thanks for the welcome, and no worries. It led to awesome discussion about downloadable titles.

Speaking of which, just beat Castle Crasher. Yeah, I know, late to the party, but AWESOME. I still need to try out Shadow Complex and Battlefield 1943.

Oh, and speaking of Monkey Island, how are the "Tales of..." episodes - anyone know?

Posted by 
 on: 09/25/09, 00:16:15
I know things have been bad on the WiiGB of late, especially with this homebrew fiasco. Keep in mind that the Wii is going to kicking some serious ass in 2010 though. This apathy that you speak of will be forgotten. There are so many good Wii games coming, it's going to be hard even for the trolls to have something to troll about.

Actually, you don't even need to wait until 2010. The Wii is getting Silent Hill, New Super Mario Bros. and FF: Crystal Bearers all this year. And then when 2010 hits.....my God. :o)

Posted by 
 on: 10/03/09, 09:31:18
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