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What do you think about games with multiple endings based off choices made?
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September 08, 2009, 20:53:17
I think they're a good idea overall, but man. I'm playing Shin Megami Tensai Devil Survivor on DS at the moment and basically the way it works is throughout the game you can sort of build relationships with people and do events and such and then at the end, based on what you have done, you have various options for which paths you can take. So I have three vastly different paths open to me and I really, really have no idea which to choose. Unfortunately it is set up with only a single save slot and a forced save after choosing as well, so simply put... I can only choose one.

Basically I'm worried that I will get a lame ending when some kickass one might exist.

Another problem is I feel like if I choose one, all the relationships and everything I built up to have the other choices available were pointless. Huh.

This all seems like one huge metaphor for life. Except somehow I make major life decisions such as going back to grad school with less thought than I'm putting into this video game... ha ha.

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Posted: 09/08/09, 20:53:17    
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I'm really looking forward to eventually seeing Public Enemies. Like, drooling about it.

And I can agree that BTAS did peak with Mask of the Phantasm. But even after its peak, man was it still good. They don't make 'em like that any more.

And to go almost completely left field on ya'll, my favorite animated series is still Teen Titans. I went into a deep state of depression when the last eppy (SPOILERS ZOMG) ---> where Terra came back and we were kinda' teased about what could be the next season <--- (END SPOILERS ZOMG) marked the end of the TV series.

Just wanted to bring that up because I cant talk about my favorite animated series (Batman) without mentioning my second favorite (Teen Titans) and third favorite (Gargoyles). (^__^ )

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 on: 09/25/09, 10:18:26
I just beat Dawn of Sorrow and I know I must have done things wrong because I got one of the worst endings I've ever seen in a video game. And that's just annoying. Although I suppose it accomplished it's goal because usually I don't play for the "best" ending, but this one was so unsatisfying that I have to go back and get something that gives me more of a sense of closure. But really, I much prefer rewarding the player in other ways for getting 100% or whatever it takes to get the best ending.

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 on: 10/28/09, 13:13:12
Well, lucky for you, Dawn of Sorrow actually has more areas to traverse, not just a different ending. Just check a FAQ to see how to extend the game.

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 on: 10/28/09, 16:00:18
I think most every Castlevania game has a "real" ending which you have to do something special to get. And it is often unclear what that is just from playing the game itself. I dunno. I usually have my brother play through them first then tell me what to do, lol.

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 on: 10/29/09, 06:06:02
it actually was pretty obvious once I got the item necessary to do it, but getting that item necessitated killing monsters over and over again until I got lucky enough to reap their soul or whatever. annoying. but nice that theres more to the game

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 on: 10/29/09, 06:27:18
My favorite DC Animated work is probably the Batman and Superman crossover. Damn, that was an awesome movie. Mask of the Phantasm is great, too.

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 on: 10/30/09, 22:09:45
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