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De Blob 2 Information Thread
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November 11, 2010, 14:13:33
Looks good but I really don't see much difference over the Wii original in terms of visuals. Maybe I am looking at the originals graphics with rose tinted glasses.

IGN preview (original post by warerare):

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 on: 02/18/11, 01:16:18    
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Does the humor remind you of the Rabbids also? The cutscenes are gonna be alot of fun in this one!

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 on: 01/16/11, 21:09:59

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 on: 01/20/11, 18:15:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/26/11, 17:51:43
It looks like this will release as a budget title. Just checked the Best Buy website and the Wii version is $39.99, while the 360/PS3 versions at $49.99. Good move!

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 on: 01/26/11, 19:01:37
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