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Sky Crawlers is FINALLY coming to the US! Heck yeah!
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July 04, 2009, 08:27:45
Actually I dunno if this game is any good but it is a Wii flight game developed by the Ace Combat team and based off a Japanese animation. Released in Japan like a year ago with no word of a US release, so it seemed unlikely it would ever make it here.

But the movie was released here eventually, and now the game is finally coming.


Seems more and more Nintendo is the only one keeping interesting Wii games stuck in Japan. Blah. But glad this one is finally making it over!

(PS. I saw the movie, was kind of disappointed in it... but the game could still be sweet.)

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Posted: 07/04/09, 08:27:45    
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Well, coming from a diehard religious background I can *sort of* see what he was going for there. I know religious people whom see male sexuality as this powerful tool of the devil that men can't control so women have to and, though they have never come out and said it, would suggest that a girl inviting a guy into her house and changing in front of him is "asking for it." I'd even hazard to say in certain parts of the world this is the norm of thinking, hence women having to stay completely covered and women taking the brunt of the punishment when a sexual "sin" occurs. A terrible viewpoint in my eyes, yes, but I can see some religious girls thinking along the lines of the way she did in the movie. Afterwards she says something like "was it because I looked at you?" as if to suggest looking at him in the wrong way made him lose control. (Him: No, that is why I stopped!) But I mean, I think it was more a critique of her blindly following her religion than saying this is a logical viewpoint. They were both kind of lost, in a way, him directionless, her unrealistically fixated on a sole direction. Her naive view comes up later as well...

"Girl: I thought if we'd pray enough..."
"Guy: You Prayed? That doesn't stop them from bulldozing your damn house!"

Anyway, I agree that was a weird part of the movie but I do understand what he was going for. And I love the movie overall, despite an odd and somewhat out of place attempted rape scene.

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 on: 07/22/09, 18:39:23
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