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So much of Nintendo's most inspired stuff is landoftherisingsunlocked...
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June 26, 2009, 21:49:18
Look at this crazy shit!!

It's pretty appalling how many interesting games haven't been brought to the US. Even Europe has games to lord over us these days!! WTF!!

People always claim that Nintendo has no new IPs, but they've been CRANKING them out, especially in the portable arena. We just haven't gotten to play half of them! Band Brothers, Kururin Paradise, Chousoujuu Mecha MG, Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland (or whatever), Exclamation Warriors, Disaster, Card Hero, countless weird DS puzzle games, etc., etc.

We have started to get some, like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Starfy, and Rhythm Tengoku. But the earlier games in those franchises are still ripe for the picking.

Other franchises seem to have died on the localization vine, like Mother and Trace Memory. It's really a shame. I wonder how many copies Nintendo has to sell, even as a stealth release, to break even on localizing these titles. It can't be that much.

I should just learn Japanese. I started...

But then I stopped.

In conclusion, there was an awesome thread on NeoGAF about how many games Nintendo has made every year vs. how many they localize. It seems they are making more and more, but the localization rate just keeps going down. I wish I could find that thread...

I found it!!

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Posted: 06/26/09, 21:49:18    
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"I should just learn Japanese. I started..."

You too?? Ha! I've been trying learn and memorize the alphabet so I can at least read it.

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 on: 06/26/09, 22:34:04
Yeah, my buddy works at a educational publishing company, so he gave me this sweet multi-semester course set for free, with the teacher's manuals and CDs, and everything. It was good stuff. I made some good progress for two days, or so, on the alphabet. But then I was busy for a while and haven't gone back to it.

Then I got that DS game, My Japanese Coach. It's decent, but remembering how to write the characters is a hell of a lot harder than remembering how to read them. I see now why so many people are illiterate.

I might have to relegate it to my pile of half-assed languages that I can barely squeak by in: Spanish, Hindi, Kashmiri. Because I learned them all as an adult, I always get them mixed up, too.

The funny thing is, I know a ton of Japanese words and phrases just from watching anime. I just can't read and write!! Come to think of it, I guess I don't really need to write, huh? I should just nail the reading, so I can play imported games and read imported manga. Who the hell am I going to write to in Japanese?

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 on: 06/26/09, 22:55:56

I'm trying to stick with it. Just been taking my time and focusing on one lesson till I learn that in and out decently. I know back during my importing SNES days in middle/high school I would've on my own learned this in and out. I would really get into to stuff like that. Presently I have a lot of time on my hands anyway not working. :P

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 on: 06/26/09, 23:16:47
I was going to say Dragon Quest Wars has a strange Advance Wars vibe and then I noticed Intelligent Systems logo on it. WTF?!


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 on: 06/26/09, 23:23:50
Card Hero is Intelligent Systems, too. And it got 36/40 in Famitsu (that may not be a reliable source, but it can't hurt!).

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 on: 06/26/09, 23:48:33
Like I said before...NOJ rocks! Don't know why it's always been this way in America. Anyway Fatal Frame 4 is awesome!!! GET IT NOW! Fatal Frame is definately a different breed of horror when compared to games like RE. I've got to get a hold to the previous games. Had a chance 7 years ago when my brother pointed it out to me while bargain bin hunting and he was the one with the ps2. The thing I fear is if FF4 was officially localized by NOA the language and certain things would be tampered with or toned down in some way. Have any of you ever compared the original Japanese uncut anime to the American supposed uncut versions?? I'm like whoa when it came to the language used and stuff, but it all seemed natural. I like experiencing art the way it was originally intended.

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 on: 06/27/09, 00:23:31
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