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June 02, 2009, 18:56:29
Sure there are a million live blogs on the Internet right now you could check out, but if you are here, you want to see it here, right? So I'll post all of the big (or not so big) news from the press conference. 4 more minutes!

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Posted: 06/02/09, 18:56:29    
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Holy shit, Golden Sun DS. That made my E3. Everything else was pretty much expected in some form or another (Wii Zelda, new Mario, even half expected the new Metroid), but a new Golden Sun... that was only ever a much wished for longshot. I had no concrete reason to believe we'd see a new game anytime soon so this was a really REALLY awesome surprise.

*pencils into DS want list next to Zelda:Spirit Tracks

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 on: 06/03/09, 12:38:58
Sick golden sun :)!!!! I was wondering if it they were going to make one.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 better be as good as the 1st.
More Zelda, YAY.

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 on: 06/03/09, 16:46:12
You know, my ultimate goal with this forum is to get all the good posters from IGN over here, and then we can basically say F it, who cares about IGN? The problem is many of them are holding out... you guys gotta help me recruit! Maybe we should go back to the everyone having a link to Negative World in their IGN signature thing... if people start noticing that the vast majority of the best posters there are here as well, they might get curious.

Anyway, this forum has to expand a bit. I mean, I love it how it is now and it probably gets more posts than ever before, but it is still slowwwww at times. I haven't done much active recruiting off IGN lately though, mostly because I already forget who I recruited in the past and don't want to continually bother the same people who weren't interested before. Another reason you guys need to help in recruiting!

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 on: 06/03/09, 22:34:58
I'd rock the link in my sig, its the least I could do since I'm just not comfortable searching out people.

I'm somewhat addicted to the IGN Boards despite how often I rag on it (usually the way over the top knee-jerk reactions and all the "I used to be a Nintendo fan" love letters), but I will try to make an honest effort to continue posting here.

I thought you'd made the site open to the public at this point anyway? So long as trolling doesn't take a sharp spike (since there isn't any here at all), I'm game. Sure the pace may be slower, but I always feel like I can come here and have a serious discussion about things with level-headed folks, will a little less of a filter and without the silly "Wii discussion here and Microsoft discussion here" segmentation that comes along with most other message boards.

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 on: 06/04/09, 08:04:17
The Negative World IS open to anyone who wants to sign up now, and has been for awhile, but no one knows it exists, heh. I think we get like one random new member every few months and they never post anyway.

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 on: 06/04/09, 08:09:30
Yeah, I don't really post thoughtful stuff on the IGN boards too much anymore. It gets steamrolled by Bacon and Dr. Tre threads.

He's alright, though. I always thought people were too mean to him. Tre, that is.

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 on: 06/04/09, 17:20:43
Pretty much it's tough for me to hate on Tre too much because he is at least a raging fanboy posting on the correct forum. I guess he gets annoying at times, but nowhere near as annoying as all the doom and gloom.

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 on: 06/04/09, 18:58:27
Just in case anyone was wondering, apparently it has been confirmed that Monado is a Monolith Soft game. No surprise there, though I wonder why NOA is barely recognizing this game.

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 on: 06/04/09, 20:27:47
I wonder where Dynamic Slash is. There are a LOT of irons in the fire. Let's hope we actually see the finished... swords, or whatever...

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 on: 06/04/09, 21:33:07
Yeah, Dynamic Slash looked like one of the easier games to sell in the West from the little bit we saw last October.

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 on: 06/04/09, 22:21:32
Monado has been confirmed for a US release, right?

Just want to keep my hype in check, because I got burned seriously on Fatal Frame 4...

Some frank commentary on Nintendo fans and IGN in particular...

I don't have a problem with Tre... usually. But he's one of those types where even if you agree with him, he can post some stuff that's really inflammatory and unnecessary... and wrong.

Bacon lives to troll the WiiGB. Even in the most positive of news he'll drop in a nice little slight or a nitpick just because.

Most of the trolls tend to be temporary, I think - quick-hitters. There are some others who at times post trollish stuff (sometimes even unintentionally - just a side-effect of text communication), but overall are alright posters. There's others who just are - honestly - just bummed out former Ninty fans. Which is fine...

...however, the problem I have with that though, is when there's bad news, they're the first ones to flip out and go all sorts of ape-shit. It's those days where I regret my auto-renew. Conversely, when there's bad news posted here, I'm often surprised to find myself the most adamant about it... and I'm pretty muted. I say that to mean, we all vent a bit, discuss it logically, crack a few jokes about here or there, then move on.

Like most logical discussions.

I suppose this conference had enough positive to counter the negatives this year though. What I found AMAZING is that the media - IGN, 1up, etc. - all seem to be satisfied (and even somewhat hyped) for Ninty this year, as opposed to a lot of the WiiGB who are once again depressed/angry/declaring fail.

I'm starting to think that a lot Nintendo fans (not all obviously) just like being emo for the sake of being emo. Even when the crappiest news arises in the "other camps", you don't see a Microsoft fan or a Sony fan going nearly as berserk or depressed as Ninty fans tend to.

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 on: 06/05/09, 06:41:06
Well, a lot of people are judging the presentation itself, when they should be judging the announced lineup (including the stuff that wasn't even in the conference).

There are some games that most people don't even know about. You, Me, and the Cubes, Fossil Diggers, etc.

Nintendo fans are kind of like abused spouses, though. There's an odd push-pull sort of thing going on there. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin, or whatever, right? I guess apathy would be more boring.

That board is a lot slower these days, though. I think a lot of people left (and went to NeoGAF, which strikes me as an even gloomier environment).

Back to Dynamic Slash!! It's Sandlot, you know. Makers of Earth Defense Force a.k.a. GREATEST DEVELOPERS ON EARTH.

They also made Chousouju Mecha MG on the DS (yet another forgotten, land-locked new IP!). And R.A.D. on the PS2, I think.

I was so happy when I found that game for $5 at CC back in the day. When I opened it up (a year later), it was stuffed with tissues.


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 on: 06/05/09, 17:59:45
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