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June 02, 2009, 18:56:29
Sure there are a million live blogs on the Internet right now you could check out, but if you are here, you want to see it here, right? So I'll post all of the big (or not so big) news from the press conference. 4 more minutes!

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Posted: 06/02/09, 18:56:29    
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'Seriously ? They're complaining with Mario Galaxy 2, this Metroid game, and New Super Mario Bros ?'

IGN bro. Many have already decided that NATAL or whatever it is called has already beaten the Wii, period. Even though it is 1-2 years off and hasn't even begun to prove itself yet.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:20:26
Retro didn't really exist before Prime though, outside some tech demos. And Nintendo bought them and fired some people, restructed everything, cancelled all games besides Prime, etc. I'm not sure Nintendo has the same power with Team Ninja.

It can go either way with some of this stuff, really. Like, Namco behind a Starfox SHOULD have been good, right?

Anyway, Ninja Gaiden is definitely a good game so it's not like they're talentless or anything. And with Nintendo behind them, certain camera and control issues should get tweaked out. I wonder if they are going to build off of what Retro has done or make a completely new take on things?

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:26:02
So should we expect bouncy boobs Samus? Team Ninja also handles the dead or alive stuff too right?

I missed the conference. post pics/videos please when you get them.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:53:24
Seriously ? They're complaining with Mario Galaxy 2, this Metroid game, and New Super Mario Bros ?

LOL, of course.

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 on: 06/02/09, 21:01:33
I'm at work so I don't think I can do many pics and vids this year, someone else will have to grab them.

Honestly my only real complaint is like... 2D Mario, 3D Mario, new Metroid... I am thinking we will probably never see that one brand new killer Wii IP from Nintendo, which seems like a shame since the Wii is the perfect console to create new IPs on. Then again Retro has to be working on something... though I suspect it will be Kid Icarus or Pilotwings, heh. But the last thing I would expect from a Nintendo + Team Ninja is a new Metroid game... why not just do a new IP? Ah well, still looks promising.

Still though, I am very satisfied with the conference. I had some fore-knowledge from a trusted source who let me name 4 games and tell me how many would be there I said...

Mario Galaxy 2
Zelda Wii
New Retro game
New Nintendo surprise game

And he said 2 of those would definitely be there, and more. Looks like he was right, if we count New Super Mario Brothers Wii / Team Ninja Metroid as surprise Wii games. Though I was starting to doubt him a bit late in the conference...

Ok, I guess my other complaint is despite some cool stuff coming, the rest of the year is still a bit slow for Nintendo 1st party...

Wii Sports Resort
Sin & Punishment 2
New Super Mario Brothers Wii

I thought at least one HUGE game would hit this year. There will probably be one or two stealth releases though, and 3rd parties are stepping up a bit. And next year is pretty much going to rock.

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 on: 06/02/09, 21:10:06
ah you got a job Zero? Where at?

Sin & Punishment 2

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 on: 06/02/09, 21:13:07
I've had a job for years! 2 years now, just had my review. Some little computer tech place. I'm underpaid by a lot and my boss is insane, but I guess I get away with a lot, so it's not all bad.

BTW apparently Sin & Punishment 2 is '10 now. WTF. Nintendo better have some stealth releases!

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 on: 06/02/09, 21:15:46
Well, if NSMB on Wii is anything like 4 Swords was, I'm SOLD. It's so much fun playing co-op and being competitive at the same time, and though I don't play local multi as much as I would like to, I still get the chance to do it nowadays. Seems like not too much is known about it yet though.

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 on: 06/02/09, 22:22:28
Oh by the way, all Wii Sports Resort mini-games have been revealed... 12 in all.

Archery, FrisbeeŽ, Basketball, Cycling, Canoeing, Power Cruising, Table Tennis, Air Sports, Bowling, Swordplay, Golf
and Wakeboarding

Brought back my two favorites from the original! Can't do too much more with bowling I'd think, but hopefully golf has new courses and all. Archery looked very cool, and "air sports" is the skydiving I think, which could be fun.

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 on: 06/02/09, 22:24:30
And though it was completely ignored by Nintendo in their press conference, there is a pretty solid looking Wii RPG on the way (Monolith Soft?) Not a bad E3 at all, especially if more of this stuff sneaks out.

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 on: 06/02/09, 22:30:52
I'm pretty pumped about Metroid. Team Ninja > Retro. I wish Itagaki was still there, though. (Although the head Retro guys left, as well, right?)

The art style is phenomenal. And colorful!! This is what Metroid in 3D should look like. That said, the action looks like a bizarre hybrid of 2D sidescrolling, pseudo-3D Corridor Shooting (a la Contra 1), a bit of 3D third-person action, and 3D FPS gameplay. Awesome!! The more bizarre, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

This E3 was a bit light on games, but the ones they announced were quite nice, and I think Nintendo is saving more stuff to announce later.

Loving it!!

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 on: 06/02/09, 23:39:09
'Team Ninja > Retro'


Anyway I'm probably as worried as you are excited. Team Ninja? They are using color yes but the actual art style is non-existent (no surprise, none of their games have ANY style just shiny graphics everyone praises for being so realistic / awesome... but very very shiny.) It looks to be more an action game that an exploration game. Actually except for Samus / etc. it looked like Ninja Gaiden / God of War / etc. to me. I dunno. I can't get too excited about it right now.

Itagaki left and took many, many people with him. Whereas only the 3 Retro dudes left.

Anyway, I'd almost be saddened by this Metroid except that it looks like a side game and I'm viewing it as a side game... so it could be fun. I don't think it will touch Retro's masterpieces though.

I still wonder what Retro is up to. Now would have been a nice time for Nintendo to show it off...

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 on: 06/03/09, 00:08:22
Yes, I am as excited as you are worried. And I think Retro is pretty talented. I just want them on another franchise. DOUBLE WIN.

I don't know why you call the art style non-existent. Did you see the stills? It's Fusion-riffic. I love the look of that game. I've always wanted to see it in 3D. Wish granted. Retro kind of branded Metroid with their own more realistic/steampunk style. This looks closer to the original vision. Plus, this game looks so kinetic. It makes Prime look slow and stodgy (another of my problems with the series). Other M is to Prime as Darth Maul lightsaber duel is to Darth Vader lightsaber duel.

And the 2D Metroid games were an even split of action and exploration. The Prime games really prioritized exploration. It looks like Team Ninja is finally bringing the action back to the series. I'm sure it'll be more linear, but whatever. New blood!!

I actually really like Team Ninja. I think they're one of the best 3D action game developers around. With Nintendo there to smooth out any rough edges, this game will be huge.

(It might turn out to be a linear bunch of varied, set-piece action sequences, strung together. Metroid: Day of Crisis. Even that would be interesting after 3 Primes.)


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 on: 06/03/09, 00:17:12
Thanks for the vids.

Metroid Other M didn't really do anything for me but it's too early to pass judgment. The gameplay is kinda strange. Grabs, holds and throws? Holding down enemies in a headlock? It definitely has Ninja Gaiden influence. All I want is a large semi-open world with backtracking and items to find that gain access to new areas. I did see some 3rd person speed booster action so that made me happy. I guess we'll just wait and see.

Mario Galaxy 2 on the other hand looks bad ass. Riding Yoshi and devouring new abilities. Awesome. It's Super Mario World in 3D...finally!

Now I just need to see NSMB Wii...

Posted by 
 on: 06/03/09, 00:40:56
Thanks for the vid. The multiplayer stuff looks crazy. Should be good.

As for Super Metroid ruining anything...I think you're alone on that one...lol

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 on: 06/03/09, 01:05:00
Well of course they are.

NSMB isn't online, which is a shame, though I'm still grabbing it. Multiplayer Mario game? hells yes.

Other than that, even WITH good news, the WiiGB is being itself as it is after every conference, e3 or otherwise.

I kinda' regret letting my subscription auto-renew. Aside from a few people I enjoy chatting with, I get weary of posting there; people LOOK for the absolute most negative thing they can find and pump to over 9000.

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 on: 06/03/09, 05:47:05
It's sorta funny...as much as I wanted online gaming on the GameCube, I really have no interest in it now. Maybe it is because the Wii online stuff has a claustrophobic experience or that Xbox Live Gold costs money...but whatever the case is, my interest has really disappeared quite sharply and surprisingly.

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 on: 06/03/09, 06:13:53
Yeah I've watched the and looked at the images of Metroid and it still seems a bit generic to me. BUT... so did Prime's early media as well, so I will take a wait and see approach. I just tend to think that Team Ninja's games have very good technical graphics but the lack of any real style always ruins it for me. And this game hasn't shown me anything yet to make me think it'll be otherwise. Mind you, I'm just talking graphical style, the gameplay in Ninja Gaiden was very good, I just don't quite get into those straight up action games as much as some people (yet I keep buying them.) I don't know, I get the feeling this is going to be Ninja Gaiden meets Metroid which could be cool on its own terms, but I seriously doubt it will contain the subtle area progression / secrets / puzzles / etc. that I love the Metroid series for. But looking at it from another perspective... kickass action game starring Samus... well, I'm down with that as far as that goes. Just not into the genre as much as adventure. I kind of feel like I would if Nintendo debuted the fanboy wet dream Oni Link action game...

Onto online. I play some Mario Kart Wii online here and there but that's about it. I think the thing about online gaming is it is about a community, but in order to feel like part of a community you have to play online a LOT. And that's something I just don't have the time or desire to do. Nowadays I can barely keep up with the games I want to play, if I have free time I'm more likely to want to check out new experiences than play yet another match of some old game.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii sounds like 4 Swords Adventure Mario style... and that is only a good thing in my eyes. Plus it'll probably be a somewhat smoother experience without any nasty puzzles that you can't solve and have 4 people running all over the place having no idea what to do. It IS a shame it isn't online and I don't buy Nintendo's excuse that it is pushing the console too much to go online at all, but I'll survive without online. It's the type of game I'd really want to play with people I know anyway.

Posted by 
 on: 06/03/09, 06:39:34
Dammn, the game play looks tooooo bad ass in the new Metroid! Samus looks to really be hardcorely kicking ass in this new one. She's got her speed dash back yay! Still think it could've been reproduced in Prime. I wonder what other tricks has she learned. Gotta watch it again. I've been craving some more adventure like this after MP:Corruption. This one looks like it will deliver.

Golden Sun for DS. Dang, I'll have to get a DS or something. Golden Sun for the GBA I always wanted when I had my GBASP. I've been playing this emulated and I love it just as much as I thought I would back in '04/'05! I've been playing this for the past several weeks. Haven't really played any straight up Wii games til a few days ago!

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 on: 06/03/09, 07:10:32
Super Metroid ruined it.

* has heart attack *

I didn't think it was possible to hear (er, read) someone say that...

Nah it's all good. I disagree completely though - Super had as much, if not more, action and combat than the previous games I thought. Particularly, the exploration was more open than Metroid II (which I did love, but they REALLY kept you on one path and forced you to it in that game).

In regards to the boards... meh. I say stuff like that in the heat of the moment myself but... I probably still would have renewed. As much as I may be highly annoyed by the WiiGB, there's other boards there I post on that I enjoy a lot (DSGB, Pokemon GB - well, particular threads there), and there's a quite a few people there I like to chat with.

They still have some of the most ridiculous knee-jerk reactions at times though.

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 on: 06/03/09, 11:01:39
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