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Fatal Frame won't be coming. Boo.
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April 08, 2009, 10:13:55
Figured I'd link to this and get everyone's thoughts here as well. I have to admit I blew a slight fuse at the news (unintentional rhyme, folks), as you can tell from my replies in the thread.

For good reason too.

I just don't get WHY. If they [NOA] could give me a good reason WHY I might be much more calm about this... but as of now it's like they're just content to try and quietly sweep these games under the rug.

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Posted: 04/08/09, 10:13:55    
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It's Nintendo's decision whether to publish it in the US or not, but why would they block the game's release? I'm sure it isn't the WORST game on the system...

Didn't Atlus just pick up an unlocalized Nintendo title? I can't remember which...

A company could make a pretty good living JUST localizing unlocalized Nintendo titles.

I feel bad for Monolith Soft.

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 on: 06/05/09, 18:04:29
Yeah NOA are weak. They changed the new Professor Layton from the Devil's Box to the Diabolical Box. LOL.

Anyway I was kind of holding out hopes on these two games but I think neither even being remotely mentioned at this years E3 means we will probably never see them. Ah well.

And yet a lot of the non-Nintendo ones people were worried about ARE coming now... Tatsunoko versus Capcom, Fragile, etc. Nintendo needs to step up.

Still no Sky Crawlers though. Which is weird because the movie came over and is in the Red Box now. (Movie was kind of disappointing... not much happens.)

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 on: 06/05/09, 20:18:21
WTF is a Tatsunoko anyway?

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 on: 06/09/09, 07:08:20
it would be cool if they iron out the games issues first

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 on: 06/10/09, 20:08:02
I was hoping that after first reading that decision that they were re-thinking some release strategy. A release of the game along with Wii-makes of the other previous installments was one idea I had at one time trying to figure out what was going thru their minds.

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 on: 06/11/09, 09:33:13
Get this game! I'm about to go to bed. All hell broke loose as soon as I found and picked up that camera. Played enough to get to the chapter 2 and save. Good stuff! I haven't felt this way about a game in a long time. I was startled a few times, actually jumped, and experienced a few chills. The way the enemies screw with you and send you into a slight panic is cool. Hell yeah, I thought. The key is to just sit back, relax, explore, and become one with the environment.Oh yeah, don't foreget to turn the lights out. You know what to expect but not when to expect it. Things will be quiet for a while sometimes and when you least expect it....BAM!! and you just want to run but you can't run fast enough. *L* Only gap in getting fully immersed is not being able to read the text. A few words and phrases sound familiar if one has ever watched japanese movies and anime etc. with english subtitles. I don't see what the big deal is about the controls either cause they work. Being familiar with most survival horror games one can figure out what's going on with hints, clues, puzzles and stuff. Easy maps to read blah blah blah... I'm going to really really really take my time with this if I can. I'm tempted to start over again and play the first level several times. Maybe I can read up and learn some Japanese online or something...Hmm. NOA would be silly not to release this here. I know I'm a sucker for the japanese culture, but NOJ has always rocked!

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 on: 06/16/09, 15:29:54
The localization patch is almost done and will be released by the end of next month.

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 on: 06/24/09, 10:06:14
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