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Jett Rocket (Nintendo WiiWare) Review
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8/10 from 2 user ratings
I admit I was quick to negatively judge this game. I saw it, and went, "whatever, it's a nice effort for WiiWare but that doesn't change the fact it's a short, straight-forward game with very little going for it". While that is somewhat true, if you're like me, you'll find your 10 bucks were very well spent once you finish the title.

We all know the game looks amazing. It's impossible to miss the Mario Galaxy inspiration here. That's obviously not a bad thing. It's the best looking game on WiiWare, no question (unless you're like me and you adore World of Goo's art - but this game is clearly raising the bar on the service). Beyond that, you'll find the game is quite fun. It's no Mario Galaxy, but that costs five times as much.

You've got three worlds, each with four stages on it and a boss at the end. Stages are pretty short and straight-forward, but there is some exploration to them. You're encouraged to find all the gems in each world (around 70), and achieving that can get pretty damn tough in the later, longer levels. I don't know if there's a reward for getting 100% completion, but even if there isn't, you could go back and try to get it to extend replay value - you know, if you felt you didnt get your money's worth in terms of length (that's what she said).

If you just wanna run through to the end, it's still fun. Levels offer diverse, though all in all pretty simple platforming challenges, enemies to defeat, stuff to collect like mentioned above, and even some light puzzle solving. Classic platforming stuff here. But it's all good, simple fun. There's some racing oriented levels throughout to break the monotony, where you'll have to race the clock in a jet ski or a snowboard. Camera can get a little annoying sometimes, and swimming is painfully slow, but thankfully the camera won't bother you too much and you won't be doing much swimming.

I don't want to write too much about this game, because honestly, there's not much to say. Game's very simple, but still very fun and you could do much worse for 10 bucks. It's a fun 3D platformer that looks amazing. It doesn't have insane gravity-based jumps, but it's WiiWare, what do you expect? If you like platformers I'm sure you'll find some enjoyment out of it. You won't be blown away, but again, I'd like to stress - ten bucks. I ran through the whole thing in around three and a half hours. If I wanted to collect everything, I'm sure I could get a good extra hour or maybe more out of it (trust me, those gems can get hard to find).

Fully recommended.

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 on: 02/18/11, 01:11:53    
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Cool, thanks for the review! I might actually have to check this out. There aren't many 3D platformers made nowadays. I kinda miss those from a generation or two ago.

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 on: 07/04/10, 17:08:06
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