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Mark your calendars: Dragon Quest 9, July 11th
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May 19, 2010, 17:02
Hell yeah.

I really, really hope Nintendo and Square Enix announce adding online multiplayer for this. Otherwise, I'll just be bummed at missing out on a lot of the content in this game.

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05/19/10, 17:02   Edited:  05/20/10, 16:19
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I'm actually fairly excited about this. I've never played a Dragon Quest game before, but I like the light-hearted look of things. As far as RPGs go, I'm still looking forward to the new Golden Sun even more though. We need more information about that game!

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 on: 05/19/10, 17:08
DQ9 seems like a bit of a departure for this series. It seems way less focused on a story and characters and more on doing missions and quests. I'm sure it's gonna be great, but I'm also a bit apprehensive.

If you've never played a DQ game before I'd definitely recommend checking them out. I wasn't a bit fan of DQ8 on the PS2 but most people seem to love it. It sure was a beautiful game.

On the DS, I loved, loved, loooved DQ5. It completely turned me into a fan of the series. I'm sure I gushed about it here already. I highly recommend checking it out.

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 on: 05/19/10, 17:14
Consider my calendar marked. Can't wait to check this one out!

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 on: 05/19/10, 18:15
I'm buying this for sure. I'd also LOVE to buy DQ5, as I hear great things about it, but the game is pretty hard to come by now and it's expensive on sites like Ebay. Oh well.

Edit - I'm hoping we learn SOMETHING about DQ10 for Wii this year.

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 on: 05/19/10, 18:35   Edited:  05/19/10, 18:42
I also hope they throw in online functionality, at least for swapping maps, or whatever. That sleep mode thing is not going to fly here.

I haven't played Dragon Quest since the first, but I'm down. Monster Hunter rocked my world. I'll give Japan the benefit of the doubt for a while.

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 on: 05/19/10, 18:40
I loved Dragon Quest VIII and V (and the under-appreciated Rocket Slime) so IX is on my radar, though I'm a tad bit concerned with the changes. It does kind of seem like it is more online-focused now (then again that is what I thought about Monster Hunter Tri and I'm enjoying that solo...)

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 on: 05/19/10, 20:15
Uh... S-E... please tell me you're still going to release DQVI stateside. Please.

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 on: 05/19/10, 22:57
Wait. Is Dragon Quest X the Wii one? Poops.

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 on: 05/19/10, 23:07
Damn. Today wasn't just the announcement of the release date. I'm guessing Nintendo lift some sort of embargo on previews as well.




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 on: 05/20/10, 06:53   Edited:  05/20/10, 06:54
Oh wait, Nintendo's publishing this here? First Nintendo published Dragon Quest since the original. Kind of neat.

EDIT: Plus Club Nintendo Coins ^ _ ^

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 on: 05/20/10, 07:33   Edited:  05/20/10, 07:33
Great job publishing NOA!

Now publish some of your own damn RPGs over here!

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 on: 05/20/10, 18:46

I lol'd because it's true.

Then I cried.

In all seriousness, depending on what my gaming lineup looks like by July, I would really like to be all in on this one.

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 on: 05/20/10, 19:40
Jeremy Parish clears up some misconceptions about DQIX.

And gah! I wasn't aware there was a risk that the DQVI remake might not make it here! Everyone buy IX so I can have Vi. Do it for meeee!

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 on: 05/25/10, 20:02
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