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July 14, 2008, 22:26:24
And to start things off...


Final Fantasy XIII is no longer a PS3 exclusive. Man, I'm beginning to wonder if I bought a PS3 prematurely... they better show off some neat stuff tomorrow!

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Posted: 07/14/08, 22:26:24    
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A mostly unchanged Animal Crossing was one of the few predictions I got right. Albeit I thought they were at least going to update the graphics some and add a ton of new furniture and patterns... most of what I saw in that trailer was EXACTLY from the DS/Gamecube versions. As far as the actual objects and patterns and such.

Still, if they have a compelling way to connect with others (sadly I'm 99.999% sure the "voice chat" is friends only... but will we be able to meet non-friends this time around?) and some cool new features I will probably buy it all over again.

Wii Sports 2 for sure looks fun. And the fact that it comes packed with a peripheral I know I will want eventually anyway makes it an almost sure buy. I guess my worry though would be will any of the games have the lasting effect of bowling? That and golf are the only ones I played much on the original... but man bowling never gets old. We still play it.

Wii Music... bah. I was pretty hyped for it, but it turns out it isn't much of a game and you don't have to do much to make the music. Weird. I'm still hoping it comes together because I really want to rock out to Nintendo tunes. But Rhythm Heaven on DS seems like a much better way to get my music game fix from Nintendo at the moment.

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 on: 07/16/08, 09:08:40
It's not actually an E3 announcement, and as far as I know it wasn't even hinted at at E3, but...

Famitsu says Dead Rising coming to Wii

Looks like that Capcom next gen favorite is true after all. Sounds like it may be a port... ug. Honestly I love the Wii but there are a LOT of zombies on screen at once so I wonder if it could handle a port even toned down. If they pull it off though, I'd suggest everyone check it out, because it is a lot of fun... it's like one big zombie slaughtering playground where EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon.

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 on: 07/16/08, 18:40:41
I'd have to say the biggest disappointment for me is not having a cheaper PS3 sku yet. I want blu-ray but I aint paying $399 for it. I don't care for a new 80GB non-BC system. Give me a 20GB (hell even 10GB) version with corded controllers and stripped of most functions except for blu-ray & wi-fi @ $199.

Microsoft seems to be getting all the high profile PS3 games anyway, maybe I should just stick with the 360. Did MS announce a blu-ray add on yet?

But then again, who cares I suppose. I'll just happily continue to torrent xvid & divx movies and stream them to my 360.

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 on: 07/16/08, 19:11:30
Well I got my PS3 at Walmart awhile back for $399 with a free $100 gift card. I figure if the manufacturers won't drop their prices, I'll just find a way around it.

Honestly though if I already owned a 360 there is no way I'd have payed that much for a PS3, gift card or not. Metal Gear Solid 4 was fun but not even close to the OMG GOTG the PS3 board tried to make it out to be. And now Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the 360 as well. Then again I have no real interest in Blueray movies.

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 on: 07/16/08, 19:25:11
Dead Rising Wii scans. Erm... graphics aren't looking too hot at the moment, but there is still time.

Still though, I am getting increasingly frustrated by developers putting all these ports on the Wii then acting surprised then they don't make big sales.

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 on: 07/16/08, 21:04:16
Rune Factory trailer

Looks pretty hot. I really like the concept of an RPG Harvest Moon too.

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 on: 07/16/08, 23:17:13
And time to happily eat my own words... it turns out there was more to come after all. Sort of.

new Pikmin confirmed

Not really an official statement per se, but close enough. The weird thing is the system isn't confirmed... probably Wii, but you never know for sure.

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 on: 07/17/08, 05:56:06
I'm shocked they didn't drop the price either, and yet I can understand why they wouldn't. They've got to still be losing a fortune on each PS3 sold.

I just got a 360 myself, so I'll be grabbing some interesting things on there as well - lots of catching up to do methinks. Depending on what they do for the Wii version of DR, I might grab it, but most likely I'll just et the presumably cheaper 360 version if I really want it.

And I'm sick of the WiiGB for the time being. I think I really am - except for the very few cool-headed people I've met - tired of this generation of fans, particularly on message boards.

This place is co', of course. :p

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 on: 07/17/08, 11:17:26
Gradius Rebirth announced

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ware.

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 on: 07/17/08, 19:21:51
IGN Conduit hands-on

IGN is known for hyping games and then later turning on them *cough* We Love Golf *cough* but on the other hand unlike WLG they are actually doing a hands-on with this one... and seem to like it.

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 on: 07/18/08, 00:01:51
Hard to see that Dead Rising scan. Bottom right screen looks sorta washed out. Lighting seems almost absent. The 360 version baked in a lot of its' ambient occlusion so it makes sense if Wii couldn't have this. 88MB ram just can't compete with 512MB in the 360.

The Wii could've probably handled a lot more ports even with its' lower spec GPU & CPU. That low ram amount is really what kills the system I think...in terms of handling the next-gen ports. Whatever Wii lacks in dynamic lighting it could've made up for in baked in textures. At least you wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference in still screenshots...heh.

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 on: 07/21/08, 19:33:13
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