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Nintendo DSi Tuner (Nintendo DSiWare) Review
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9/10 from one rating
I shall endeavor to keep this brief, since there is not much to say about this product. It is a fairly robust (and cute!) digital instrument tuner,and it costs $2. I think it's a very worthy little app for... fans of the digital tuner genre. Very cheap, functional, and practical.

I'll give you guys a little backstory. My (guitar) tuner inexplicably vanished into the ether a couple of years ago. I refused to buy a new one, since that would mean realizing the loss of the old one (and compounding the loss of the one before that). Ever since, I've been a tuning vagabond, tuning to songs on the radio, tuning to other out-of-tune instruments, even tuning to nothing at all! Enter the Nintendo DSi Tuner. My only concern was its quality. Well, I've only used it a couple of times, but it does the job. The Nintendo DSi Tuner has fast, accurate, responsive note recognition with the onboard DSi microphone, a choice of 3 interfaces (one of them with a confusing, but cool Game & Watch motif), the ability to tune to other pitches (like those of another instrument), and a Balloon Fight mini-game, complete with Balloon Fight music. I love Balloon Fight. The mini-game isn't exactly AAA, but it's a neat little time-waster, and it might make a decent drill for beginner musicians. The tuning screen also has a mini-keyboard (just one octave) that generates a tone to which you can tune. So the app is also something of a digital pitch pipe! I had a bit of fun playing around with the keyboard, though it was rather limited, tiny, and rough. It even gave me an idea for a potential iPad killer app: Virtual synth with piano lessons and limited sequencing. Please don't steal my idea.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah. The Nintendo DSi Tuner. It's good. If you think you might want it, then you should probably get it. The Metronome seems to have a better mini-game, but metronomes are boring and lame.


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Posted: 04/10/10, 17:05:24    
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I've lost like at least 5 tuners over the years.

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 on: 04/10/10, 19:09:14
I second the awesomeness of this app. I think if you're remotely interested in music, and have an instrument, you should get it. Very convenient.

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 on: 04/10/10, 19:39:36
Tuning a guitar to this is lot easier than relying on my ears and a piano. ;)

The A can be adjusted to be anywhere between 435-435Hz, and you can switch between lettered notes, and do-re-mi (key of C).

I'd been wanting a pitch pipe and was pleasantly surprised when I got one as well as the tuner. Previously I had to bring the KORG game with me to have a small keyboard to poke notes out on, and this is a lot more convenient to start up (except for the single octave restriction).

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 on: 04/10/10, 22:40:46

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 on: 04/11/10, 02:43:22  - Edited by 
 on: 04/11/10, 02:45:19
That picture is scary.

Have any of you played the metronome mini-game? It's oddly tempting...

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 on: 04/11/10, 16:19:18
Yep. I thought it was cute. This app is a really nice package for 2 bucks.

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 on: 04/11/10, 17:05:54
I think I'll download this. Has anything better come out on DSiWare since? The Rytmytythm Synthezisem-up?

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 on: 08/02/11, 01:16:20
Yes, Rytmik Rock (for which I will soon write a review) is probably a waaaay better use of 2 bones. But it's not a Tuner.

Posted by 
 on: 08/02/11, 02:11:50
I want a tuner. The best tuner.

Posted by 
 on: 08/02/11, 02:41:04
Look no further, my friend.

Act now, and you get a free Balloon Fight mini-game!

Posted by 
 on: 08/02/11, 02:44:08
388 views is a lot for a review like this. What the hell?

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 on: 08/02/11, 05:59:05
Anand said:
That picture is scary.

Soooooo tempted to post my spider pic right now.

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 on: 08/02/11, 06:15:26
I thought this was going to be about a tv tuner for dsi. I leave disappointed.

Posted by 
 on: 08/02/11, 07:43:09
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