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Metroid Dread is now the best selling Metroid game EVER
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May 10, 2022, 19:56:30
It just surpassed the previous champ, Metroid Prime. Congrats!


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Posted: 05/10/22, 19:56:30    
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Congrats to MercurySteam and Dread! It's not my favorite Metroid by any means, but it was still a great time and I hope this helps the series get a little more of a push moving forward.

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 on: 05/10/22, 21:06:54
Wish people found 3d Metroid as accessible but this can only be good for Prime 4.

(I have Dread, still haven't booted it up so I can't judge it myself)

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 on: 05/10/22, 22:41:29
Great game! I have the odd quibble, but my overall impression is very strong. Because of the solid finish!

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 on: 05/11/22, 20:32:54  - Edited by 
 on: 05/12/22, 02:40:22

I bought it launch day and have played it about an hour per month. Going to beat it sometime this year!

Think Iím going through one of those phases in life where Iím not too crazy about video games but it should come back eventually.

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 on: 05/11/22, 23:59:27
With how many Switch units there are out there (and the holiday release date the game had) I suppose this was kind of inevitable.

Now if only Metroid can start selling Super Mario and Legend of Zelda numbers!

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 on: 05/12/22, 16:17:17
Hope this bodes well for the future of the series.

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 on: 05/16/22, 02:57:24
The Metroid series is primed 4 a big breakthrough!

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 on: 05/16/22, 03:26:57

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 on: 05/17/22, 20:52:12

Don't praise that! You just encourage him,

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 on: 05/18/22, 15:58:25
With how crazy Switch has been, I'm not surprised. I haven't played it yet meself though, and I'm not sure when I may get around to it as I wanted to play Samus Returns first.

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 on: 05/19/22, 23:18:03
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