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Bugsnax coming to Switch (and Xbox / Steam / etc.) April 28th
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April 12, 2022, 20:33:55
Hey, I know a bunch of the people who made this! Never got around to checking it out though. But now it is that much easier!

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Posted: 04/12/22, 20:33:55    
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This is from the Octodad studio?

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 on: 04/13/22, 01:18:13
@GameDadGrant Yep! CHICAGO STYLE.

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 on: 04/13/22, 03:34:06
I haven't finished BugSnax, but it's super-charming. Genuinely funny and weird. Check it out!

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 on: 04/16/22, 17:55:10
For some reason I thought this was a Sony exclusive, perhaps just because it seemed like the one PS5 launch title talked about the most.

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 on: 04/20/22, 02:30:00
@Mop it up
I think that was due to its meme-ability? But it's actually pretty cool.

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 on: 04/20/22, 17:21:59
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