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It's a 50 minute Nintendo Direct! 2/17/21
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February 16, 2021, 18:03:04

Wow, guys! The first actual non-Mini Direct since September 2019, and it's a whopper too. Hopefully they don't lean too heavily on the "available games" (unless it's Tadpole Treble Encore)! Looking forward to seeing what's in store for Switch for the first half of the year. Maybe Mario Golf? And possibly a Smash reveal that I don't despise?

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Posted: 02/16/21, 18:03:04  - Edited by 
 on: 02/16/21, 21:17:39    
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@Zero I was under the impression that the initial download for the arcade is free. And within that, 1943 is free. Ghosts 'n Goblins is free until the 25th, at which point it becomes paid. I believe this is as a promotion for GnG: Resurrection.

The most disappointing thing here is that you can't buy these games a la cart. It looks like they're grouped into different "era packages", on sale for $15 each.

Feels like such a weird way to sell these games. Capcom is now limiting themselves to people who buy this app, and then further limiting themselves to selling the games in these bundles. So not only can you not just "buy what you want," but the purchase is also buried in their app. Sounds like only the most hardcore retro gamers will seek these out, if they even do that.

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 on: 02/18/21, 16:26:11
Some quick thoughts on some of the stuff shown:

The Speed Golf mode of the new Mario Golf is actually pretty similar to an idea I had of how Mario Golf games should play, so I guess that means I'll have to check this out at some point. Not really a fan of these golf games though, too many numbers. I hate numbers.

I sampled some of Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville on Game Pass, and it's a lot of fun! The Splatoon crowd will likely like this one. I'll probably be picking it up.

Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY continues their tradition of terrible titles, but looks good otherwise. I can't play very many of these big RPGs though so it could be a while when or if I get to this, still have plenty in my backlogue.

Seems like they're trying to make Fall Guys the next "big" thing. Looks kind of funny, I'll probably check it out. I wonder if there are team modes.

I thought Splatoon was going to be a "one per system" type of series, or maybe I was just hoping it would be. This is the third game released on essentially the same hardware, so I hope they're going to do something drastically different with the gameplay to set it apart. If it ends up feeling like something which could have been DLC for Splatoon 2, that will be disappointing.

I'll probably check out Legend of Mana, I liked some of the other games in this series.

I'm kind of curious about that Knockout City game. Dodgeball feels oddly under-represented in games.

Ninja Giaden Master Collection: I tried out the second one on Game Pass, nothing wrong with the game but it isn't my thing.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is one of my fave Zelda experiences, but I don't usually rebuy games, and so far it looks the same. If it ends up being a light year again though then I may end up getting it around the holidays.

A Miitopia port? Bizarre! I tried the demo of the 3DS game but never bought it. It's an okay game but it seemed a bit too simple and repetitive for my tastes. I'd probably buy it if it were cheap, but it seems overpriced.

I've heard a lot about Outer Wilds, but it's on Game Pass so I'll probably check it out there instead.

There are probably some other things in there I'm forgetting that I'll look into after they release and impressions are out.

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 on: 02/18/21, 18:47:48

Yeah, this was pretty much me.

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 on: 02/19/21, 11:33:45
Hah, I enjoy these.

"...This kinda looks funny though. I'll play this."

I also got my hopes up for Octopath 2. Strategy games are not as much my thing, and Triangle Strategy's demo is pretty slow-moving.

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 on: 02/19/21, 16:00:15
I 'spose my truest prediction was how much backlash there would be over the new Smash character! I'm not sure it's been this much since Bahbleeth.

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 on: 02/19/21, 20:18:41

Yeah, itís always a genre I wish I could like but I just donít... and Iím done spending money on them only to play 6 hours and say ďoh yeah, all of the amazing reviews and recommendations in the world donít make me enjoy this genre. I forgot.Ē Game looks great for people who like that sort of thing though.

@Mop it up

Thatís the spirit! Definitely has the same weak nobody generic anime character that weíll never see again in another game type of thing going for her just like stinky poopoo Byrolph.

Itís best for me that I just donít get hyped up for Smash announcements anymore, and then if a cool one happens it will be a nice surprise. Maybe Sakurai is doing it intentionally so he can retire from the series without death threats.

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 on: 02/19/21, 23:31:45  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/21, 23:34:13
I just gotta say, because I don't see much talk about it, Legend of Mana is one of my favorite games in the series and this remaster looks absolutely perfect. Higher resolution backgrounds from the original art but with the same pixel sprites perfectly preserved. Amazing soundtrack. Really funny writing with Lil Cactus' journals. Challenging and charming and very creative

If you missed it on PS1 don't miss it this time around.

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 on: 02/20/21, 00:25:10

It really was the anti-dunkey Direct! Us normal folk at least got to enjoy the Splatoon 3 announcement, but he doesn't even get that...

Hinph said:
Yeah, itís always a genre I wish I could like but I just donít... and Iím done spending money on them only to play 6 hours and say ďoh yeah, all of the amazing reviews and recommendations in the world donít make me enjoy this genre. I forgot.Ē Game looks great for people who like that sort of thing though.

This is exactly my experience with RPGs these past few years, yup, haha. But I don't think it's impossible for me to enjoy one! I really liked Octopath Traveler until I hit a boss fight that was impossible to win because my numbers were lower than the enemy's numbers. I'd probably have gotten more into Three Houses if there was less extreme micromanagement of your party. If Project Triangle Strategy is more focused on tactics and puzzles within battles than it is on character building, I might have to check it out (and stop playing after six hours).

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 on: 02/20/21, 20:06:15

He still cracks me up even when he is bagging on a game I really like. Truly the best of his kind of video game YouTube funny people at the moment... and heís impressively good at games too!

Itís really interesting seeing how shy he is when heís not in his character. Watched an interview once with him and his wife and that really surprised me.

Posted by 
 on: 02/21/21, 00:46:37
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