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Rewind feature, Wrecking Crew, Donkey Kong 3 added to NES for Nintendo Switch Online
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July 17, 2019, 19:05:29
Rewind feature looks neat, no more save scumming needed!

The NES games though... think it is about time to introduce the Super Nintendo?

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Posted: 07/17/19, 19:05:29    
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I wonder if they'll ever add the Super Nintendo version of Wario's Woods to the service as kind of one of those quirky games that only saw releases in certain territories, like they did with Uforia (sp?), The Mysterious Murasama Castle and Sin & Punishment (among others) like they have with Virtual Console in the past?

I mean, they brought back Starfox 2 so I figure anything is game at this point.

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 on: 05/26/20, 16:08:02  - Edited by 
 on: 05/26/20, 16:08:29
I don't think they'd double up with the same game on a different platform. They haven't done this yet, have they? I'm sure people would feel ripped off, unless this game was in addition to the other few games they wind up offering.

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 on: 05/26/20, 18:26:23
Woke up last Sunday and beat Rygar before 11 a.m. Good times...

Great music, too. And the poorly translated names were hilarious!

The diskarma/diskarmor still feels good, too. You can pretty much attack as fast as you can press the button.

Then I ordered three pounds of chicken gyro meat and Zoom chatted with some old buds, who varied on the spectrum from casual gamer to VERY casual gamer.

And they ALL remembered Rygar!

NES was a force, man. I guess systems sell more now, but I feel like we were all playing the same weird, obscure shot back then. We were all one in the NESniverse.

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 on: 05/29/20, 02:29:30  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/20, 02:35:26
PogueSquadron said:
I don't think they'd double up with the same game on a different platform. They haven't done this yet, have they? I'm sure people would feel ripped off, unless this game was in addition to the other few games they wind up offering.

Eh...I mean, back on Wii Virtual Console you could download Sonic the Hedgehog on both Genesis and/or the Master System. Which would be a similar situation to Wario's Woods. But that's SEGA.

As far as Nintendo goes, they have offered Super Mario World on Wii U Virtual Console for both SNES and GBA. And the NES and GBA versions of Super Mario Bros. 2. And Super Mario Bros. 3. Also on Wii U Virtual Console you can download both the NES version and the "VS." version of Excitebike. And *technically* these are the same games...but on 3DS Virtual Console they gave us both Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels on NES/Famicom in addition to Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on GBC, which includes both games.

Even as recently as Switch, you can also download the VS. versions of Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and I *think* Donkey Kong Jr., all of which show up as NES games which are included in the Nintendo Switch Online service.

There are other examples I'm sure I'm forgetting or not mentioning (like how many different versions of Street Fighter II they've offered across a whole swath of different systems on the Virtual Console service) but releasing the same game from a different platform as a digital download is not unprecedented.

EDIT: Oh! Weird example, but on Wii U Virtual Console, you can download the original NES Metroid...and then also separately, download Metroid: Zero Mission for GBA. One could argue that those games are so fundamentally different that they could count as two unique games. Yet, the original Metroid is an unlockable within Zero Mission, so.... *shrugs*

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 on: 05/29/20, 22:24:19  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/20, 22:30:18
The Super Mario World comparison is actually good here. I forgot they even did that. Sonic on Master System was a completely different game then the Genesis version though. That was more of like what Super Mario Land was to Super Mario Bros.

Let's just say that I only really see Nintendo doing something like that when they're the underdog and doing some crazier stuff. I DO think that there's at least someone doing a decent job of curating these titles, to a degree. This recent crop of games is a pretty good slice.

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 on: 05/30/20, 22:11:38
Would they only do that when they are the underdog? I mean, we got Sin & Punishment on the Wii’s N64 Virtual Console, as well as the PC-Engine version of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Also stuff like Summer Carnival ‘92 RECCA and The Mysterious Murasama Castle on 3DS...and it’s not like the Wii or 3DS were “underdog” systems. And those were some pretty deep cuts, IMO.

The Wii also got double versions of games, like all the various Street Fighter II versions, so...I dunno.

If anything, I think trying to predict what Nintendo will do or not do is a fool’s errand. They kinda just do whatever they feel like doing, whether it makes sense or not, LOL!

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 on: 06/02/20, 04:33:37
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