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Zen Studios (Pinball FX3) picks up Williams and Bally licenses
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September 04, 2018, 22:00:48
San Francisco, CA – September 04, 2018 – Zen Studios today announced it is bringing tables from the world-renowned Williams and Bally pinball collection to digital game stores. This global agreement grants Zen the digital rights to the full Williams and Bally pinball library, with the initial 2018 releases including Fish Tales, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness® and The Getaway® High Speed® II – all of which are now available in public beta form through Pinball FX3 on Steam. Committed to making pinball an exciting community experience, Zen also invites fans of all ages to its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, to see this process in action with a studio tour.

Oh man. Oh man oh man. Farsight losing the license earlier this year was one of the biggest gaming disappointments to me in a long time, so this just makes my day. And yes, it's coming to the Switch, which means we'll finally be able to play Attack From Mars on Nintendo's new system! WOOOOO!

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Posted: 09/04/18, 22:00:48  - Edited by 
 on: 09/04/18, 22:00:42    
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You should also pick up the Walking Dead table. It's really good and it's about to possibly be takenaway because of Telltale.

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 on: 10/11/18, 01:06:11
Attack from Mars incoming! Squee-snort!

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 on: 11/10/18, 10:39:45

Oh my gosh. OH MY GOOOSH!! I am so excited for this! Finally, after that roller-coaster of emotions that was Pinball Arcade dropping from the eShop after a day, Attack from Mars will be playable on Switch!! And just in time for Thanksgiving break too (assuming Nov 15 is the release date), which is perfect for me and my family.

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 on: 11/10/18, 15:21:02

Attack From Mars, The Party Zone and Black Rose will comprise Volume 2, coming December 4th!

So, it's a tad later than I hoped since I really wanted to have AFM on Thanksgiving break, but still good news. Someone pointed out that they altered the art of the girls in two of the tables as well, covering up the leggy ladies on both AFM and BR, which is a little disappointing since they're going for accurate digital versions of these games. But whatever, I'm still buying this the second it comes out.

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 on: 11/15/18, 18:23:05  - Edited by 
 on: 11/15/18, 18:23:40
Something tells me Yoku's Island Express has ruined all pinball games for me forever, ala Breath of the Wild ruining that style of game or Just Cause its genre!

Glad they are launching before Smash Brothers, though. I can't imagine competing with that game. Even just a few days before is cutting it close!

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 on: 11/15/18, 19:07:35
I'm really impressed with how quickly they followed up the first pack of tables. This is a nice selection. It was smart adding a couple of good tables along with the great Attack from Mars as the headliner.

Hopefully that FlipGrip thing still launches next month and that'll really make Switch a perfect place to play these.

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 on: 11/16/18, 00:30:54

New tables in just a couple weeks. Theatre of Magic! <3

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 on: 03/07/19, 01:24:29

Another table pack on the 28th, plus they are introducing improved flipper physics.

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 on: 05/16/19, 00:18:52
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