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Nintendo Announces The 'new Nintendo 2DS XL' for July 2017
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April 28, 2017, 04:45:33

Well, this came out of nowhere. I might consider buying one perhaps… my B-Button is shot on my 3DS XL and I wouldn't mind having something that can play some games again. If a repair would cost more, it'd be worth it.

Releases: July 2017
MSRP: $149.99

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Posted: 04/28/17, 04:45:33    
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Gotta catch em all!

I wish I would have got serious about collecting when I was younger, so many holes in my collection, I don't even have a Gameboy Color or an original GBA, only the SP!

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 on: 05/02/17, 04:10:57
@nate38 I forgot to check earlier, but the system does still have the outward-facing camera lenses. They're on the bottom half this time instead of the top. Even though there are only a few augmented reality games that used them, they're also used for scanning QR codes, so it's probably for the best to leave them in there.

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 on: 05/03/17, 00:07:38  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/17, 00:08:24

The SP is the only one you really need. The OG GBA was kinda janky with no lighted screen, open/exposed screen, no rechargeable battery built-in...no need to own that one, tbh. The SP (or SP+) is the one to have. And maybe the Micro if you really wanted (though that has it's own share of drawbacks too).

@Mop it up

Cameras on the BOTTOM half?!? What madness is this?!?

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 on: 05/03/17, 18:09:49
I was thinking about modding my OG GBA with an OEM AGS-101 (SP+) screen, but then I read that most of them were phonies. Maybe I'll grab the Revo K101 Game Boy clone. It plays original carts, and seems to have some nice features. I probably won't get it, though, because fuck that symmetrical diamond. I LOVED that the GBA only had two face buttons.

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 on: 05/03/17, 21:23:28

I love how much you hate the diamond layout of the A/B/X/Y buttons! You get a laugh out of me everytime you curse that design!

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 on: 05/03/17, 21:50:37
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