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Nintendo Download: January 15-21, 2015.
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January 15, 2015, 17:18:23
January 15, 2015 – I lost my original post, so instead of retyping it, here's Nintendo's PR. Basically, lots of stuff this week. Great sales.

Nintendo of America said:
Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

3D After Burner II – 3D After Burner II is a remastered version of the arcade classic. Pilot your F-14D fighter through enemy territory while blasting away squadrons of enemy fighters. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS

Lufia: The Legend Returns – Join a cast of 12 playable characters in this classic Game Boy Color turn-based adventure filled with love, hope, terror and revenge. Complete quests to open up new paths, level up by battling monstrous enemies and gain new abilities by finding Ancient Texts hidden within dungeons and caves.

Virtual Console on Wii U

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight
– In this NES classic, Ken has retired from his glory days in the Street Fighter world, but he must return to his roots when he finds his friend missing. Jump, climb and fight past monstrous enemies as Ken teleports across the galaxy to set things right.

Nintendo eShop Sales

Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

The Throwback Sale is on! Generations of fun come together as we pair classic games from past Nintendo systems with their newer siblings on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Going on now until Feb. 5 at 8:59 a.m. PT, we’ll offer weekly discounts on select game pairings like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World. Buy one or buy both games in each pairing – either way, you’ll get great savings during the sale. Check out www.nintendo.com/eshop/offers#throwback-sale for more details.

Nintendo eShop on Wii U

Loads of indie hits are now on sale during the Super Indie Connection Sale #2. Now through 8:59 a.m. PT on Jan. 29, fans who own any of the participating games already – or purchase one at full price during the promotion – qualify to receive 60 percent off any of the other participating games. Check out http://www.nintendo.com/eshop/offers for more details.

Price Reductions

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for Wii U has been reduced to $39.99 (from $49.99).
The LEGO Movie Videogame for Wii U has been reduced to $19.99 (from $29.99).
LEGO The Hobbit for Wii U has been reduced to $19.99 (from $29.99).
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for Nintendo 3DS has been reduced to $19.99 (from $29.99).
Soccer Up 3D for Nintendo 3DS has been reduced to $2.99 (from $6.99).

Also New this Week

Electronic Super Joy: Groove City (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
Family Tennis SP (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
uWordsmith (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
Asterix The Mansions of the Gods – Demo Version (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
Best of Mahjong (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
Soccer Up Online (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
Space Lift Danger Panic! (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
Quell Memento (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS) – Available Jan. 16
WRC Official Game of the FIA World Rally Championship – Full and Demo Versions (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

In addition to video games available at retail stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their systems. Nintendo adds new games weekly to the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U console and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, the Nintendo DSi™ Shop for the Nintendo DSi system and the Wii™ Shop Channel for the Wii console.

The Nintendo eShop is a cash-based service that features a wide variety of content, including new and classic games, applications and demos. Users can add money to their account balances by using a credit card or purchasing a Nintendo eShop Card at a retail store and entering the code from the card. All funds from one card must be loaded in the Nintendo eShop on either Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, but can be used in either Nintendo eShop if the systems are linked to a single Nintendo Network account.

The Wii Shop Channel offers games and applications and uses Wii Points™, which can be purchased via the Wii Shop Channel. The Nintendo DSi Shop offers games and applications and uses Nintendo DSi Points™, which can be purchased in the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Remember that Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo DSi feature parental controls that let adults manage some of the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu or http://www.nintendo.com/3ds.

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Posted: 01/15/15, 17:18:23  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/15, 17:18:17    
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That's all I came in to say.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 17:19:28
I'll have to check out Lufia. I have fond memories of the SNES games, but those are the only ones I ever played.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 17:24:41
Is Pushmo World worth it? I enjoyed Pushmo, but I don't feel like it was screaming for a sequel...

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 19:13:09
The Super Indie Connection 2 is pretty cool. If you own any of the games, you get 60% off the rest. That means a cheap Teslagrad for me.

Any player who owns or buys Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Chasing Aurora, SteamWorld Dig, Teslagrad, BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner 2 or Swords & Soldiers on their Wii U will have a 60% off discount for any of the other games in the promo, for the same Wii U console. The discount is available now, and will be working until Jan 29th 2015 (17:59 EST).

Special Offers – Super Indie Connection Sale

If you own one of the following games (or buy it) the other games prices are cut down to...

(Warning: Some of the prices in USD may change due to round up)

Teslagrad – €5.99/ £5.59/$5.99 (Regular Price €14.99/ £13.99/$14.99)
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner 2 – €4.79/£3.99/$4.79 (Regular price: €11.99/£9.99/$11.99)
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – €5.59/£4.79/$5.59. (Regular price: €13.99/£11.99/$13.99)
Chasing Aurora – €2.79/£2.39/$2.79 (Regular price: €6.99/£5.99/$6.99)
SteamWorld Dig – €3.59/£2.79/$3.59 (Regular price: €8.99/£6.99/$8.99)
Swords & Soldiers – €1.19/£1.07/$1.19 (Regular price: €2.99/£2.69/$2.99)

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 19:47:37
Ohhhhhh nice! Probably will pick up Teslagrad.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 20:08:18
Is Pushmo World an expanded version of the 3DS game, or does it contain all new content?

Is Swords and Soldiers worth $1.19? Is this the same as the WiiWare game?

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 21:26:44
I think I'm getting Guacamelee and Teslagrad at those prices.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 21:28:27
3D After Burner II for me, absolutely love that game.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 21:37:01
Might actually get around to finally getting Runner 2. At $5, it seems like a reasonable price for that game.

gtarrant said:
3D After Burner II for me, absolutely love that game.

Same here. I downloaded all the SEGA 3D remakes from the "first wave" of releases. I'm pretty much sold on getting all the rest in the "second wave."

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 21:47:11
Huh, might look into Guacamelee.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 22:36:48

Go for it! It really is metroid-esque and was a bunch of fun. Takes a little getting used to but the concept is quite great. Nice length too.

I would pick up Teslagrad but I don't recall if I bought it during the Steam Holiday Sale or not... I'll look into that.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 22:44:02
Hmm, I didn't know Electronic Super Joy was coming to Wii U... did I? I have it on Steam. Or is this a sequel? I dunno. Anyway the Steam game is ok, though nothing amazing. Just a decent indie platformer that feels a tad bit amateurish?

/EDIT Oh I guess it is a sequel. Hmm.

@deathly_hallows @Mop it up I'm *pretty* sure Pushmo World is all new content, or at least mostly new content, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Definitely the "new rules" type stages are new, and there are tons of those. I think most of the other stages are new too.

As for whether it is worth it, I guess it depends on whether you need more Pushmo. In the "main" mode there isn't really many new mechanics, just more great puzzles. In the "new rules" type mode things get mixed up a bit, and I honestly don't know how many stages that mode has but it looks like around 100?

I'm enjoying it.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 23:00:25  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/15, 23:01:32
All the Pushmo World stages are new. And you can download people's puzzles, although there's no easy way to share amongst friends which was a missed opportunity.

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 01:11:57
@Mop it up
I think it's an enhanced port, but it does have one player on the pad/one player on the TV multiplayer. So that's cool.

Anyway, lots of good stuff this week. Maybe I'll pick up Guacamelee, even though I got it for free on PS Plus. And I might have it on Steam...? So Teslagrad is good?

Still waiting on a sale to swoop in and pick up (almost) all of the Sega 3D Classics... *turns to dust*

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 08:01:30
Do we have to go over that lie that is Street Fighter 2010?

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 10:04:45
I've always had a soft spot for that game. It's a novel setup (1P vs. AI arena battles) and there's a surprising amount of variety in the moveset. I used to rent the living shit out of it.

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 15:50:15
Nabbed Guacamelee and Teslagrad last night. Tempted by Swords & Soldiers too (especially for that price).

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 16:06:05
I guess I will have to get Teslagrad as well, at that price. Swords & Soldiers is great, definitely worth that small fee.

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 16:40:49
Picked up Teslagrad for $1.25, since I had one last free $5 left. Tempted in a sad sort of way to get Mario Galaxy 2 for $10, but not ready to pull the trigger just yet.

Also going to check out Lufia, never played one.

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 16:44:03
Seeing people buying Lufia is making me all kinds of happy. I'll have to pick it up when I have the money.

Posted by 
 on: 01/16/15, 16:55:18
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