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Nintendo Direct, January 14, 2015 9 AM EST - "Focus on Spring '15 3DS & Wii U Games"
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January 13, 2015, 06:45:06

I said we were due for one!

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Posted: 01/13/15, 06:45:06    
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I'm curious to see how Galaxy looks, I mean it's being emulated right? So it should have all the normal VC features like suspend, and maybe even upscaled to 720P or 1080P? I'll know in like 5 minutes I guess... :)

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 on: 01/14/15, 21:24:26
@deathly_hallows i just compared the download vs the disc version, but i swear nintendo had to of did some sort of update recently on the wii mode because it never looked this good in the past, for me at least.

also, it is not emulated, it turns the system into a wii mode like state in which you cannot access the rest of the wii u until you close the game.

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 on: 01/14/15, 21:31:12  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/15, 21:31:57

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 on: 01/14/15, 21:38:32

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 on: 01/14/15, 21:40:18

Plus your saves are retained. That's huge.

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 on: 01/14/15, 21:40:47
I have all 3 games mentioned, but it may be worth it for MP Trilogy at least just to be able to lock that disc away for safekeeping. Also, considering various rumors, I wonder if the choice to focus on those 3 is a bit of a hint for E3. If so, interesting that Punch Out was one of them.

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 on: 01/14/15, 21:47:53
I think this website should let me "super" want a game in the database. After watching the Xenoblade video I need more that just a "wanted" option.

I'm also super excited for Fire Emblem. I had to add an entry into the database right away so I could mark it as a want as well.

I know I said before that I'm not going to buy a *new* 3DS until a game is released specifically for it. But seeing it in this direct makes me want to get one anyway. Ooh, camera control in Resident Evil, IronFall and Codename Steam!

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 on: 01/14/15, 21:49:14
You're right I just played a few levels of Galaxy 2, it simply switches into Wii Mode when you start it up, it did look great though, not sure if it looks different than the disc version but it's such a beautiful game it holds up even being pretty lo-res and fuzzy.

ALSO: wow that games plays nice, it just feels... right. I really really really want a return to the Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy style grand adventure Mario games. So fun.

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:01:52  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/15, 22:08:11
@deathly_hallows Definitely no 720p then right? Bummer. Still, great deal for $10.

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:09:58
Yeah it's very bare bones, I really was hoping it would at least have the VC menu and be able to seamlessly go back and forth between the Wii U menu and do stuff like be able to read your Miis, but nah, it seem to think it's a disk, when you go into Wii Mode the whole system restarts and then you can't go back to the menu until you quit out and restart again. Kind of a bummer but not a big deal.

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:13:37
It seems too soon for another Fire Emblem game, they should have made a new Advance Wars first.

Splatoon is a little earlier than I expected, thought we'd see it at another E3 before it's out. Lookin' good.

Wii games as digital downloads is okay and the price is nice, but I already have or could get just about all the games I want. I have all the games listed for all regions. The only game that comes to mind I might want if they added it is Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, since it's so expensive now. I would rather have GameCube games added, as I own a lot less games for that system.

Mostly just dates and stuff for other things, not much else to comment on.

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:14:41
@Mop it up some people on twitter are saying nintendo quietly cancelled SMTxFE for Wii U and made a new FE for 3DS instead, considering this game is called "Fire Emblem: if" in Japan and there was a SMT game called "if"... Would be a bummer if true.

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:19:35

That's probably true--I can't imagine IS working on both the new Fire Emblem and SMTxFE at the same time. Considering we hadn't heard anything about it since its reveal in, what, 2013 (?), I think it's safe to say that project has kicked le bucket.

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:54:35
@TriforceBun i think the surprise success of FE in america and its huge success in japan (and nintendos financial trouble) called for a quick 3ds sequel since they already had the engine. Maybe SMTxFE will still happen some day, but I bet its near launch of the new handheld system (not new 3ds but the next major handheld).

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:59:19
Does anyone know the max size Micro SD card this New 3DS can handle? I need to see what I've got in my 3DS right now, I think either 16GB or 32GB. Since I've gone all digital, really don't like having to swap multiple cards around.

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 on: 01/14/15, 22:59:36
@missypissy i think it can handle the limit of fat32 which I believe is 2TB. I think you can throw whatever size in there and it wont be an issue. I am gonna get a 64gb one, I currently have a 32gb one.

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 on: 01/14/15, 23:03:14
But Galaxy 2 would be stored in the Wii U storage right? Looks like it just has some sort of virtual disc on the drive that the Wii Mode can access. Surprised they're not doing this for 3DS/DS games.They probably wouldn't make bank on it but it'd be something to do. They could be afraid about future proofing it though.

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 on: 01/14/15, 23:14:57
@Scrawnton @TriforceBun From what I understand, Intelligent Systems has little involvement with SMT x FE, and it's mostly Atlus developing it. The last mention of the game was back at E3 where they mentioned the game's development was progressing on schedule, but I guess everyone's decided to take the "no news is bad news" approach with it. While it may yet still be cancelled, sometimes Nintendo games come out of nowhere so it may pop up in a Direct later this year shortly before getting released.

@missypissy The "official" max is 32 GB, but it can probably recognise larger sizes. The official max for SD on the regular 3DS was also 32GB, but larger cards still worked for most people without issue.

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 on: 01/14/15, 23:15:01
A lot of cool things came out of this direct - hyped for new 3DS (XL, by default - thanks NoA). I knew we would get another Fire Emblem, since Awakening was a huge success. Looks good. Splatoon and Kirby look great, Mario Party 10 should be fun. Wish we heard more about (New)3DS games for the summer and beyond, but the first half still looks good, even though I'm not interested in MM3D or XB3D. Code Name Steam and Monster Hunter 4 will keep me busy for a good while.

Also nice to see Nintendo embrace cross-play, finally. Though I'm not particularly interested in another MvsDK game.

Nothing on Yoshi's Woolly World was a shock, hope it doesn't get delayed...and sadly no word on Smash Bros DLC (though the Hyrule Warriors DLC looked great).

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 on: 01/15/15, 00:24:47
@Mop it up i was not aware that atlus was making it; this gives me hope that it plays like a SMT game with some FE thrown in there and not the other way around. Id rather not have another strategy turn based rpg.

Posted by 
 on: 01/15/15, 00:34:08
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