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Super Smash Bros. Stages Bracket - Final Four Tie-Breaker Event Results
October 26, 2014, 18:48:12

Due to an even seven votes each in the Final Four, both Corneria and Great Bay were found locked in a bitter tie. Instead of posting another poll or delaying the final poll, this will be handled by Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. I booted up my physical copy of the game and kept the same rules on which currently exist because of Hero_of_Hyrule's Smash Tournament. What this essentially means is no items. I'll stick the characters on five different stages, but besides the classic Final Destination, the rest will be strictly the Omega versions. This prevents any stage hazards from occurring. The reason for all this too as opposed to another vote is because of the concern where some of the original users re-voting when others simply cannot due to not being on the site for the duration of the quicker voting period. That all said, here are the results of that event.

Round 1: Link vs. Fox. - Final Destination - Level 9 CPUs - 2 min Timed Match
It was a hard fought battle but Link dominated most of the match, managing to get Fox up to 122% before he passed 20%. However after an impressive save from the right ledge, Fox managed to dominate back, getting Link quite up there in percentage. With about sixteen seconds left though, Link got in a final successful blow, leaving very little time for Fox to repay the favor.

Result: Link Wins - Score: 1-0 - Overall Score: 1-0

Round 2: Link vs. Fox - Gerudo Valley (Omega Version) - Level 9 CPUs - 2 min Timed Match
This match was significantly more evened out from the start, with Link taking more of the beating initially. After some off-stage dancing mid-air, Link started fighting back harder and managed to get Fox into the triple-percentage range first. Fox was solid in his long-range attacks. In the end, neither scored before the two minutes were up and we reached 'Sudden Death'. It was pretty quick before it was all over… Link managed to land a solid arrow shot which blasted Fox into oblivion.

Result: Link Wins - Score 1-0 (sd) - Overall Score: 2-0

Round 3: Link vs. Fox - Corneria (Omega Version) - Level 9 CPUs - 2 min Timed Match
In the third round, we're on Fox's home turf! Can this turn the tides? If that Corneria music wasn't enough, it must be breathtaking to see the beautiful planet below. Fox was pretty great at reflecting a lot of Link's projectiles back at him throughout the match but Link was more aggressive in using fisticuffs when necessary. Fox once again hit the triple digits first and with 37 seconds left, was launched out of the stage. Link had 72%. This wasn't good for Link as he continued to be knocked around as the seconds ticked… 5.. 4.. 3… could Fox land a blow? No! Link won for a third time in a row and thus decided the outcome. Great Bay would move into the Final Bracket Battle!

Result: Link Wins - Score 1-0 - Overall Score: 3-0

For fun I had them both play a normal match in their home turfs in their original forms.
Could this change anything or is Link merely stronger than ever?
Here's how those matches went.

Round 4: Link vs. Fox - Gerudo Valley (Standard Version) - Level 9 CPUs - 2 min Timed Match
The music was glorious! Despite the various additional platforms, the duo stayed very close together. Link kept his long range attacks and Fox kept blocking them. About 50 seconds in.. the BRIDGE BROKE and the two had a hard battle inside the pit constantly having close calls. Miraculously they escaped and the bridge healed itself. However it wasn't long before Fox was out of the match. With about 20 seconds left Fox had Link cornered with a high percentage but Link managed to evade and wait it out. Another victory for the Hero of Time.

Result: Link Wins - Score 1-0 - Overall Score: 4-0

Round 5: Link vs. Fox - Corneria (Standard Version) - Level 9 CPUs - 2 min Timed Match
Right away these two found themselves at the back of the ship. Fox was dominating and even embarrassing Link when he jumped off Links head, almost sending I'm to his doom. Fox had Link cornered in the back and fought hard but the two stayed evenly matched. Both were past 80% by the end of the first minute. Fox again made it into triple digits first but managed hard hits, sending Link to his doom off the back. Link clearly wanted revenge as the fight stayed in the back of the ship. Link landed a lucky kick and sent Fox to his doom. It was time for Sudden Death once again. It was quite hilarious to watch this because the two would dance around each other before one would grab the other and either knee or punch the other in the face repeatedly. Eventually something happened almost too fast to see… I think Link threw a bomb but it's possible the stage was setting off bombs in general. Both fighters flew off to the left sky but Fox was out first… giving Link the final win.

Result: Link Wins - Score 2-1 (sd) - Overall Score: 5-0


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 on: 10/26/14, 19:47:21    
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A bit surprised that it was a clean sweep, but not surprised at all that Link won. He's the best!

Posted by 
 on: 10/26/14, 19:21:21

I found that surprising too though it made more sense as I watched each battle. Both are great characters but against each other, it looks like Link has a clear edge.

Posted by 
 on: 10/26/14, 19:47:58
I s'pose Fox ain't top-tier anymore!

Posted by 
 on: 10/26/14, 20:30:59
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