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Nintendo Announces National StreetPass Weekend in North America: Dec. 14, 15
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December 09, 2013, 23:17:33

Nintendo has announced a National StreetPass Weekend for December 14 and 15 in North America. For two days, all Nintendo Zones throughout Canada and the United States will communicate with each other (!), mixing up the StreetPasses they receive and redistributing them to other Nintendo Zones. This means players can receive passes from all over the continent, filling in their map and logging more players than would be possible otherwise.

That's... pretty cool!

To find a Nintendo Zone close to you, check out Nintendo’s official Nintendo Zone website.

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Posted: 12/09/13, 23:17:33  - Edited by 
 on: 12/09/13, 23:19:03    
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Yeah, the snow was pretty intense (even here in Toronto). I had a lot of studying to do, so it was good timing I suppose.

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 on: 12/16/13, 18:41:51
I went to two different places (Best Buy and McDonald's) and could not connect at any of them.

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 on: 12/16/13, 19:37:12
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