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Nintendo Download for August 8-14, 2013.
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August 08, 2013, 16:45:55
August 8, 2013 - Dream a little dream in this week's Nintendo Download! The latest installment of the Mario & Luigi series hits the 3DS eShop this week. A new Plaza hits the Wii U, and two new eShop games land, including the much-anticipated DuckTales Remastered! Three 3DS eShop games and a Wii U Virtual Console game round out all of this week's updates! Visit your favorite eShop at noon eastern to see all of this week's updates.

Wii U eShop

eShop Games

  • DuckTales Remastered (available August 13) - Capcom
  • Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party - KnapNok Games, $8.99
  • Virtual Console

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (Super Nintendo) - Nintendo, $7.99
  • Apps

  • Animal Crossing Plaza - Nintendo, free

  • 3DS eShop

    Retail Games

  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - Nintendo, $39.99 (available August 11)

    eShop Games

  • Smash Bowling 3D - Big John Games, $4.99
  • SteamWorld Dig - Image & Form, $8.99
  • Tangram Style - Moving Games, $6.99

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    Posted: 08/08/13, 16:45:55    
    Why not sign up for a (free) account and create your own content?

    NSFW, I'll hazard? Not something I wish to have saved in my address bar.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/11/13, 00:12:52
    Huh, had no idea Mario & Luigi: Dream Team had a demo. But it does. It's pretty extensive, too. Just a bummer that you only get 12 uses with it.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/15/13, 02:48:35
    Why would you want to play it more than 12 times?

    Posted by 
     on: 08/15/13, 02:52:33
    I always get a little upset when I get a demo on a Nintendo system and see I'm only allowed a certain number of usages before something happens. But then I play them once or twice and delete them. Still strange, though.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/15/13, 02:56:43
    deathly_hallows said:
    Steam World Dig on 3DS, Duck Tales on Wii U.

    Lazy edit.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/15/13, 06:25:30

    Yeah, I'll probably not play through it more often than that, but the restriction itself is just dumb, IMO. Just the fact that it exists bugs me for some reason.

    I may not play it more than once or twice, but if I wanted my son to play through it, or show it to a buddy, or...whatever? Only having access to the demo for a total of 12 uses seems unnecessarily restrictive. Especially when the "standard" for demo uses on Nintendo systems is usually 30 uses. Why cut an already restrictive use rate down by more than half?

    Posted by 
     on: 08/15/13, 08:26:32
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