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Nintendo Download, June 20-26, 2013.
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June 20, 2013, 17:14:13
This week's Nintendo Download includes games featuring Luigi and Wario, a mash-up spanning three companies, the Blue Bomber's sixth adventure, and so much more! Be sure to check out your favorite Nintendo digital storefront today (June 20, 2013) at noon EST to see all of this week's content!

Wii U eShop

Retail Software

  • Game & Wario (available June 25) - Nintendo, $39.99
  • New Super Luigi U - Nintendo, $19.99 (requires New Super Mario Bros. U)
  • Virtual Console

  • Mario Bros (NES) - Nintendo, $4.99
  • Wrecking Crew (NES) - Nintendo, $4.99

  • 3DS eShop

    Retail Software

  • LEGO Legends of Chima: Lavalís Journey (available June 25) - Traveler's Tales, $29.99
  • Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - SEGA
  • Project X Zone (available June 25) - Namco Bandai, $34.99
  • eShop Games

  • Bugs VS. Tank! - Level-5, $7.99
  • Farming Simulator 3D - Giants Software, $9.99
  • Virtual Console

  • Defenders of Oasis (Game Gear) - SEGA, $3.99
  • Mega Man 6 (NES) - Capcom, $4.99
  • Sonic Blast (Game Gear) - SEGA, $3.99
  • Tails' Adventure (Game Gear) - SEGA, $4.99

  • DSiWare

  • Rhythm Core Alpha 2 - SoftEgg, 1000 points

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    Posted: 06/20/13, 17:14:13  - Edited by 
     on: 06/20/13, 22:53:24    
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    I'm waiting for the retail release for NSLU, but I am curious about whether or not the pro controller support has been added to NSMBU yet.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:16:25

    The patch for Pro Controller support went live yesterday. Not a huge download either.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:19:21  - Edited by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:19:34

    Apparently it has with the most the recent update.

    Edit: Damn you ludist!!!

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:20:14  - Edited by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:20:46
    Cool! Thanks.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:22:03
    Okay, Bugs vs. Tanks or Farming Simulator 3-D. How can I choose?

    EDIT: whoa, what's with the N64 textures? WTF?

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:24:36  - Edited by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:28:45
    It's hilarious that Mega Man 6 hit the 3DS Virtual Console before the Wii Virtual Console.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:30:16
    @GameDadGrant :(

    I wish I could just pay an extra dollar and have it on both systems. Nintendo. Pleeeeease.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 17:32:19
    Probably upgrade Mario Bros and will get the New Super Luigi for sure.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 18:13:06
    Can't wait for the Miiverse posts from suckers who thought Mario Bros. was Super Mario Bros. Hehe.

    Good week all around, though I'm not too interested in Game Gear games, unless someone has a strong recommendation for one. I'll grab Luigi U and Game & Wario this week.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/20/13, 19:14:59
    anon_mastermind said:
    Can't wait for the Miiverse posts from suckers who thought Mario Bros. was Super Mario Bros. Hehe.

    Y cant shellcreeper crawl?

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 01:34:23

    I'm just psyched to finally play it. I have played 1-5, 9-10, and X-X2.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 02:35:41

    Cool! Just keep your expectations in check a bit. It's a fun game IMO, but easily the easiest Mega Man game, ever. Still, it's got some great tunes, and some cool new powers. Hope you enjoy it!

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 03:12:19
    I want NSLU at retail, but I might still pick up the DLC since I'm a sucker and all.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 03:25:48

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one ODDLY impressed with farming simulator. That looks like Harvest Moon on steroids!

    Unless you were being facetious, then I was NOT interested in Farming Simulator AT ALL!!!

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 09:53:32

    Eh, I don't love the series for the difficulty really. A Mega Man game with new levels and bosses that I should have no issues beating, well I can't wait for the ride. As long as it's not a total cake walk. I don't want to play any Kirby today! *zing

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 13:45:59
    I'll write my views out fuller in a review once I put in more time with the game, but after around 30-45 minutes with Bugs vs. Tanks! I can't really recommend it. It kind of feels like a very simple, somewhat mediocre early N64 title. Maybe it will get better... we'll see.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 22:24:48
    I'll do a retro review of mega man six since I've never played it before.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 23:11:53
    I want more demos.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/21/13, 23:45:21
    Ok so Bugs vs. Tanks! is growing on me a bit. I still don't know that I'd recommend it, but it has introduced some interesting elements. Nothing big, but enough to mix it up a little more than I expected since the first 7 or 8 missions are kind of repetitive.

    It still has a lot of flaws though.

    Posted by 
     on: 06/22/13, 05:33:34
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