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Firmware Update June 18th- New Mii Plaza Streetpass games
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June 18, 2013, 14:16:05
So here's some news out of left field: A new 3DS firmware update that allows the ability to update Mii Plaza with four (count 'em, four) new games:

- StreetPass Squad
- StreetPass Garden
- StreetPass Battle
- StreetPass Mansion

Unlike previous MiiPlaza content, the new games are paid content available to download from the new Mi Plaza Shop for around $5 or so each, or a bundle deal for all four.

As yet the update only appears to be available in Europe and Japan, will update with further details and exact pricing as info becomes available.

(Link to the news here, and huge thanks to r_hjort for the tip off!)

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 on: 06/18/13, 14:23:18    
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Two problems:

One, 'once again' implies it's happened before. We're not France.

Two, the other guy was Australian as well. He must have been using our old Risk strategy of turtling troops. Me, I had better things to spend play coins on.

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 on: 06/29/13, 04:02:58
So I found something interesting.

Because of all the games available now, it can actually take a little bit to work through them with any recent group of Streetpasses. Anyway I was short for time, so I did the Garden, Mansion, and Battle games and decided to let the Squad game slide this time (one ally wasn't worth it, I'd only be wasting 10 minutes to get my ass kicked.)

But, closing the plaza and coming back later...that Mii was still ready to help me out in that game! Meaning I can save up these dudes and unleash them all together to enable a better shot at finishing these harder rounds.

I'm assuming this applies to most if not all of the other titles too....could be useful.

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 on: 07/08/13, 11:05:01
OK, ignore the above. Got another Streetpass hit today and was told that I couldn't go to the entrance to greet the Mii or else I would lose the current Mii still waiting to play.

I think the only difference here is that starting Mii Plaza doesn't take you to the entrance anymore? So you can go away and come back, but you can't welcome new hits until you're finished.

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 on: 07/09/13, 11:02:36
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